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Bark Out time for Pet portrait artist Ashley Beech Reid

Wait until you see this young lady’s work, I have very seldom been able to see a pet artist be able to really capture the soul, the light that comes from within a pet like she does,.Absolutely amazing work!


Thanks Ashley for all you do to support rescue pets as well!


Georgia’s Pit Bull Rescue needs a little help.

For those who would like to help us continue to save dogs all we are asking for is contributions towards dog food. We are currently getting all our dog food from the local feed store and it is actually good food at a reasonable price. One bag of food cost $24.99+tax for 50lbs. The brand is Southern States Complete Sport with 24%protein and 20%fat. Even if you can not afford to contribute to a full bag they will accept any amount and crediting it to our account. When contacting the feed store please speak with Megan and let her know you are contributing to Georgia’s Pit-Bull Rescue dog food fund. Below is all the info you will need. Thanks in advance for you contribution!!

Burke Feed and Seed


Ask for Megan


Thanks to everyone in advance Georgia’s is a wonderful rescue!



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