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This is exactly the type of “shelter” that makes my blood boil!

If and when all shelters and pounds are forced to advertise and do weekly adoption events, publicized events! People would see that the unchecked killing of worthy healthy pets it nothing more than a way for these places to filter funds in other directions, these places will tell you they use Petfinder, and Craigslist but I’m sorry that is no where good enough!

As for sending animals straight to a kill room, why? why would they do that? Don’t give, me the they don’t have room speech, use fosters!

Memphis you really need to get it together, or are you all heartless rednecks? Step it up and create change in your town, in fact go further in your state! Extend some small measure of yourself to save countless cats and dogs from an instant death! And Nathan, as always you rock sir!



Todays abuser loser is……, Oh did I mention she claims to be a rescue?

you have to take note that she worked “mostly” through Craig’s list and Facebook. the newest and easiest forum for abusers and scammers.

Amazing how these monsters never stop, no matter how many you bust there are always more waiting in the wings! Shouldn’t this tell our Governments laws need to be changed?

Some days just make you feel like you are ice skating uphill I guess.


So you like Michael Vick? You think he has paid his debt and is remorseful? Well saddle up Vick defenders he’s unscripted!

Dear Mr. Vick please do more interviews like this, you help me and every other advocate prove to the world with every unscripted statement you make, that in fact you are evil, you are incapable of remorse and have absolutely no concept of how wrong what you did was. You got off easy!

So thanks Mike, and please consider taking Richard Hunter up on his offer to be interviewed, he does after all have one of your victims in his home. I think it would be very enlightening!

And Leslie, great work! Keep doing what you do!



Proud to be Canadian!

I have always said adoptions between the US and Canada should be a very simple and easy process, if there are (Ahem) not enough homes in the US why can’t these animals come to waiting homes here, and vice versa?

Special thanks to all those who make these types of transfers and adoptions possible!


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