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Bark Out time for Ruby’s Tale!

Great story, please check out Ruby’s exceptional story, An abandoned dog grows up to be an inspiration! It’s a great read!

Thank you Patrick for sharing Ruby’s story and showing the world what most of us already know, the truth about pit bulls!


Aaaand here we go again! When will they learn?


Ladies and Gentlemen…, Dr. Ian Dunbar!

Nuff Said!


NBC San Diego post by Sarah Greico, when you read the commment from remember they are in no way experts!

American pit bull terrier (named Tuttle) seated.

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This debate will rage on, as long as people like Colleen Lynn keep falsifying information, When you read they did their own research just remember that they are not experts, Colleen has a very clear agenda, and that agenda is to eliminate the breed. I have said this before, but it seems worthy of another go, when I was two years old I was attacked by a Malamute, and it was a particularly vicious attack.  The attack resulted in about 60-70 stitches in my face and scalp, this Malamute also clamped down and did not let go!

 I do not blame the dog I place the blame squarely on the shoulders of the owner, She knew the dog was unsocialized, he was unaltered, and very people aggressive, yet she placed an ad in the paper to sell furniture knowing that people would be coming to view it. She did not secure her dog and as a result I was mauled.  After I was attacked this woman told police she was having a friend euthanize the dog, she lied! What she actually did is sent the dog to live with a friend in Chase River, BC and the dog attacked another small child there. Sound like a responsible owner to you?

Now back to Dogsbite for a moment, claims and sites many cases of attacks however, Where’s the DNA Colleen? Several attacks she posted on her site turned out to be other breeds, If in doubt look up a DBO video by FUzupf on Youtube, he has routinely debunked Miss Colleen! So do not buy into everything they are selling. The only thing Colleen is an expert in is how to “Google” stats, now the problem with her stats, is, they are skewed. They come from the media, who also routinely mis-identify the breed.

No matter where you stand on this issue one thing is clear, the dogs are NOT the real issue, and they are NOT born Dangerous, pit bulls were bred to be human complacent, which is why the dog fighters chose them in the first place. Their very nature makes them a candidate for therapy with children. Dr. Ian Dunbar an EXPERT in the field of dog behaviour clearly states his choice for working in the therapy realm would be a pit bull.

So who do I believe, a victim who has turned an attack into a (501c) which frankly is quite laughable. or a real expert? Sorry Colleen, you fail again on that one!

Anyone on the fence about this one Google Dr. Ian Dunbar and see what he has to say on the breed, there are several videos on YouTube done with the him.

Special thanks to Sarah for her article. I will say it would be a great day to see an article or post that does not quote since she is a sham and in some cases a liar!

For the rest of us who see through the BS and lies here’s why we are so proud of these dogs the music attached to the video is not appropriate for children.


***Update and clarification from subway***Subway gives a dog killer an “award” Thanks Subway, you just made me sick!

WOW! subway wasted no time on this one,  As per their Customer complaints rep, Michael Vick, will not be their new poster and commercial money-maker. I received an email from them, that states “Subway did not endorse him to a contract, but he did receive subways sportsman award on BET network”  I hate to be the harbinger of doom, but in my book they have still aligned themselves with a killer, whether  by choice or coincidence. And I will say this again. I will NEVER buy another sandwich from subway! Now in light of subways clarification, I can not speak for all of you, but I am still boycotting their restaurants, but that’s just me and I hate Michael Vick that much! In truth I hate all animal abusers that much but him just a bit more! I have never watched BET and never will, for the same reasons. Like it or not ANYONE that aligns themselves with a felon, needs to be prepared for the consequences, and or fallout. So I stand corrected. However I still urge you to contact them directly using the links below, and let them know exactly what the public thinks, of them handing over yet another award to a felon with no remorse for his actions! They chose to support a dog killer, even in giving him an award, so as I say they need to be accountable for the fallout. Had I been the CEO of subway I think I would have backed out on that one! I will also state for the record if they are giving him an award, I certainly would not be surprised if there IS an endorsement deal in the works, but as it stands now, pen has not been put to paper on this one, So Thank you Subway for clearing up that you didn’t sign him to a deal, you just gave him an “award” and by the way you still make me sick!

I’m pretty sure there are some pit bull families out there that eat at subway, do you really want them giving this pig an award? If you answered yes, than you better remember who paid for it, yes that’s right you did, by eating there.

Own a Franchise: For questions or concerns please visit Customer Service:

From me to you Michael…, You will NEVER see a dime of my money honey…., EVER! I hope you die of festering boils! Kisses from a pit bull advocate!


Look who just made the cover of Dog Fancy!

Thanks Dog Fancy for showcasing this wonderful breed, glad to see not everyone has breed bias.


You so have to check this out! Medical miracle comes to the dogs!

I think that is awesome stuff! Think about how many injured animals can benefit from things like this!


FREEDOM! life in a lab, comes to an end! Here’s the video to prove it!

FREEDOM! FREEDOM! FREEDOM! Scroll down a bit for the video!

Please do not buy from companies that support animal testing and research, and these dogs are why!

Run free gang…., run free!

Charles Manson, Michael Vick and Scott Peterson would make excellent replacements! Just sayin’


Vancouver, Washington kicks BSL to the curb!

Vancouver, Washington came to their senses and decided to put the focus on tougher laws instead of on the shoulders of our beloved pit bulls! Thank you to everyone who spoke up stepped out and let their voices be heard! It’s because of everyone’s willingness to speak up that they did not bring BSL to town so THANK YOU One and all!

And to the policy and law makers…, Thanks you for understanding where the real problem lies!

Another win means one less city willing to blame the dog rather than the owner! Lets see if we can make common sense spread like Nuclear fallout! Keep speaking up, keep thinking outside the box for positive solutions!

again, I thank you all!


“Dogs Deserve Better” have you heard of them? well have you heard this? PLease watch the following video, no graphic images, just another organization that gets a little too big, for their britches, this has to end!

DDB’s Kelly Page.., you should be ashamed! and stating you did it to “teach your recent harrasser a lesson?” I guess when you have a dogs best interests at heart, you love said dog, well that labels you someone who chains dogs and a harrasser? Look in the mirror Kelly! Look in the mirror!

Well who really pays for all that? certainly most of all Joel! You make me sick!

Why don’t you give Ingrid Newkirk a call, it sounds like you two would get along famously! I have removed your organization from my links page.

DDB, you are a sham, a fraud, and just another attention and media seeking whore organization!

I’m sorry Joel, sorry you ended up in the wrong hands AGAIN! My thoughts are with you my dear!


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