Daily Archives: May 13, 2011

Bad Rap, spills it on PETA! Thanks Bad Rap, you guys are aces in my book! PETA, you are starting to show your true colors!


Now I will say this openly, I have always been a huge Bad Rap fan, for several reasons, but mostly because they chose to help the dogs everyone else has wrongly labeled as “Bad”

Now I am sure by now you are all aware that I can’t stand Ingrid Newkirk and her “nazi” squad of vegan wanna be’s, that is something I have not tried to hide, I have spent countless hours researching her, the squad, and low and behold, every day there is something new about them, and nothing good I might add.

Wake up world! If you keep “DONATING” she gets rich, and more animals die, it really is that simple! Thanks again Bad Rap for bringing people out of the shadow of PETA’s lies and into the light of sanity!


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