Daily Archives: May 9, 2011

kisha’s day in court went t little something like this…

As previously stated Kisha Curtis did plead not guilty, however she is not done with this yet, there is still more evidence to be submitted. 

Cheryl Cucinello told Judge Joseph Cassini III she would present an evaluation of the evidence to a grand jury within two weeks. So I guess the saga continues, for now at least.

I think within these next two weeks we will see what evidence they have that links Kisha to Patrick for more than two days. She has certainly given conflicting statements about her time frame with Patrick, so we shall see if they can link her to him prior to him being dumped down the garbage chute. I pray for the sake of justice that they will show she was responsible for Patrick’s condition and show that her actions ultimately resulted in Patrick’s condition. Fingers crossed folks, until then we must wait and see.


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