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Diane Campbell, Stole my name, and tried to blacklist me, using lies!




Update**** Sorry I must correct this, its not today, its May 6th! sorry for the confusion,Kisha Curtis faces the judge today, Lets hope they make the right decision and punish her to the fullest extent of the law!

Stay tuned, we will see what comes of this on May 6th!


Not about a dog, or an abuser, but its very powerful and makes you think!


 Very cool!


Open letter from me to Diane campbell, aka the worlds most pathetic human being!

Dear Diane,

Imagine my surprise when a Facebook friend, had “someone” aka YOU,  try to friend her using my profile, so naturally she opened it wondering whats up, since we were already friends!

Only to discover that its your handy work all over again, you were up to your old tricks! Using my profile, editing it saying that I “claim” to be an advocate, but I need dogs, why? I try to get them from different sites everyday! Nice try Diane!  EVERYONE, and I do mean EVERYONE that I have contact with knows full well I do not rescue and do not ask for dogs…,EVER! Check all the websites you want folks, Know this, Diane will be there posing as me, or Kimberley, or Top Paws or anyone else who has split her scams wide open!

You also left Holly Tate fake pit rescue on it.  “BUSTED” once again, nice try sweetie! we all know that when someone busts you for being the lying, stealing, slandering piece of crap that you are, you go on the offensive attack! You slander us all in the very same way, each and every time, Real original!  You accuse us of doing what you do, because you are that lame and un-original that you can’t even come up with anything new!

So what I would like to know Is exactly how many fake pit rescue pages have you created?  We now know you stole Kimberley Glassnapp’s name and blog link, and posted it to mine in the comments section, again posing as her! We know you slandered her every where you could, just as you are trying to do to me! We also know you have done the same thing to Top Paw Rescue Inc. Oh, by the way Diane, just a side note for you..,you have been reported to Facebook for “Identity Theft” Have a nice day!

Now lets see how many new alias you can create? 5, 10, 20, 100? How many good names will you try to assassinate tomorrow? 200, 300, 1000? I guess that depends on how many people figure you out and bust you down huh?!

You will get caught my dear, and why? because you think you are “Hot S#@!”  When in reality all you are is a cold turd rolling down a warm hill! You are an embarrassment to the human race, nevermind your entire family I’m sure! You are “almost” as clever as a mosquito flying towards the bug light!

Another side note for you,  I am coming for you Diane, aka Sylvia, aka whichever name suits you today! I may not catch you today, and maybe not tomorrow, but I will catch you! And when I do I am personally going to see to it that your ugly old ass rots behind bars for a very long time! You see Diane since you are such a dimbly lit bulb let me enlighten you, just a bit! You see chips ins have links, links can be tracked, even if you close them your IP address is still attached, just like it was when you sent me your comment Posing as Kimberley…., OWNED!

Sleep with one eye open because you just tried to slander the wrong person, I take Identity Theft very seriously! You can get away with a great many things lady but trying to use my name and ruin my reputation…, not this girl honey! I don’t take crap lying down, EVER!


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