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Sign the petition to allow a GSVS employee who has cared for Patrick, adopt him. Dont let bureaucrats let down Patrick!


Please sign and share, who better to give Patrick his fur-always home than someone who cared for him this whole time, and someone he has bonded with?


Update on Dog Wars Game, Here are all the correct links to complain and demand it’s removal from market!

Dog Wars link is kagegames.com Sorry folks, I had to remove one link and I have a creators link for you.

Here is the link to voice your opinion to the marketing team at Android:http://www.google.com/support/androidmarket/bin/request.py?contact_type=takedown

Also please consider and email press@google.com to demand this disgusting application be banned from the Android Market!

Games like this set the stage for a very scary future, as far as I am concerned it is NOT just a game, what will they dream up next; porn kids, or drug and rape date?

Please join in and make a difference!

Sorry for the link changes.


I am completely at a loss for words! What is this garbage? Boycott all products from the creator of this game and Android software!

Contact and boycott android,  please read on for details as to why.

The following link goes to game called “Dog Wars” where you raise, train, and yes you guessed it fight your virtual dogs! Not only is this in absolute bad taste, it sets back the movement to change the face of pit bulls! I am disgusted that this could reach the masses, Please help stop this game developer from taking this to the mainstream!


Never before have I been so angry, so sick to my stomach, and so very disappointed in humanity! When you can make a game supporting the fighting of dogs real or virtual, you set these dogs up for more abuse and death! You send a message that dog fighting is cool, and a great idea. Please Complain to “Android Software” and ask this game be pulled immediately!

Thank you!


Buying your child a bunny for Easter?

As Easter approaches I just thought I would say a few words about buying your child a bunny for Easter. Please consider that as with all pets, they require a lifetime commitment.

It’s easy to get caught up in how cute bunnies are and what a great gift it would be, but let me offer this, once the novelty has worn off who will take care of that bunny? Most often a few weeks after Easter bunnies are surrendered to animal control or shelters, pet stores make you think it is such a great idea, but in reality…, not so much!

Instead a chocolate bunny is great alternative, they can fawn over how cute they are, and then they get to enjoy the sweet taste of chocolate, who wouldn’t love that!

 If you want a bunny for your child at any other time of the year, just make sure you and your child are ready for the responsibility that comes with owing a pet. shelters are a great place to look if you have decided that a bunny is the right pet for you.

Have a great Easter everyone!


Sorry always seems to be the hardest word. Now days innocent is something you buy not something you are!

You know my stance on BSL by now but this is a great video! please support them on Facebook as well!

Make change happen…, or your breed of choice will be the next face of evil, and atop the most hated!



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