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Please pay it forward in honor of Patrick! Donate, adopt, volunteer!

How true! some updated photos of the worlds most beloved puppy! Please remember folks there are Patrick’s in every city so before you sign up to adopt this little guy consider adopting in your home town, in honor of Patrick, you can pay it forward by saving a life near you!

And just so Kisha knows I still care about her…., Congrats honey, you’re still a douche!


Companies that are cruelty free, and DO NOT test on animals…nice!

I have a list I will share with you all, it shows a list of companies that do not do any forms of animal testing. I am sure there are many more out there but it’s a jumping off point for everyone.

Remember to check into more, and have fun trying out new companies and their wonderful cruelty and animal testing free products!

companies not testing on animals

I do have to mention that the list is saved in a word format, and I did not compile this list, much as I hate to admit it PETA put this on their site, and I was forwarded it by a friend, so although I am no PETA fan, the list is a valuable resource!


Imagine.., I can and I think it rocks!

Its all good!



Every shelter could be no kill, it’s that simple! If one can do it, they all can!

Please share with friends!



Some folks in Maryland working to change cruelty laws because of Patrick. Way to go gang, you have my support!

I have also added their link to my sidebar!



Please help this family find their baby pittie girl, she was stolen!



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