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Cuteness Alert!!!!

You have got to see this!


Still smiling!!!!!!


So I have another troll

I have just discovered that there is an individual who did not like my posts about fake rescues, she has now started a blog using my real name calling it hollytatefakepit resecue in an attempt to make people believe I run a fake rescue, so let me just clear this up, I do not nor, have I ever run a rescue, I have no experience in rescue work other than to support well-known established rescues that need help.

I believe this woman is or may be Kimberly Glassknapp,whom ever that is, now I have never said anything about Ms. Glassknapp, the woman I refered to was Sylvie Kobollti, I received info that she and Diane Campbell were one in the same, as it turns out they are not, they are in fact two different people. those were the names associated with that post. I have no idea who Ms. Glassknapp is. I received Ms. Glassknapp’s name from the woman commenting on the another fake rescue post.

 The info on Sylvie, came to me from a woman who had to clean up the mess left behind. If Sylvie, or what ever her real name is, would like to contact me directly to dispute what has been said or to address the issue, I welcome her side of the story as well!

As for the woman venomously defending  Ms. Glassknapp, I received the name Ms. Kimberley Glassknapp from her!  she herself added it in the comments section on that post, and is now apparently defending her. I don’t know what to say about that except crazy is everywhere! each comment she left was more inane, and confusing than the last, so I have blocked her from commenting.

 So just be aware that as for a rescue, again I do not run one, nor have I ever asked for donations for one, this is simply an attempt to put a black mark on my blog, for her own reasons, for all I know maybe this woman is Ms. GlassKnapp. As I say, I do not have any info about a Kimberley Glassknapp that did not come from this woman directly.

In any case I just wanted people to know I have no rescues, and do not solicit donations, I have had posts I’m sure that request donations, as I am eager to help those in need, but let’s be very clear here, DO NOT Donate to anyone that cannot be verified, or who is not a 501(c), as it is very easy to be taken for a ride.

Thank you.


I have no words!

This is just un-believable!


I knew all forms of abuse existed, everywhere, but enacted on defenseless animals? I just wonder why and what have you accomplished with this?


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