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Patrick gets a check up, did anyone else notice how he let’s the doctors do anything to him? he takes it like a man!

Good boy Patrick!

Soon you’ll be a once a year exam guy again, keep getting stronger buddy, we are all pulling for you!


This guy makes my day!


Would like like to see the faces and names of dog fighters? I do, I wanna share there info with everyone!

Here is a nice compilation of the faces and names of these dog fighting peices of trash! Please feel free to share, and thanks to Petabuse.com, you guys are awesome!  I can’t thank you enough for all you do!


Should this scum bags be able to hide? I think not! I want their friends, their families, their neighbours to see their faces and know that’s who you raised, sleep next to, and live beside! Have a nice day boys!


Just look at Patrick now he’s gained weight and lookin’ good! eat that Kisha!

Sorry the video doesn’t show on the post just click the link YouTube’s being funky today!



Iams/Eukanuba spells pain for dogs!

Here’s a nice little video about the company Iams contracts to do their “Testing” and Michigan wants it to be illegal to do hidden video’s, nice Michigan! The animals thank you for that one!

Now Iams, I am just livid! this company puts out these warms and fuzzy ads about how they go to great lengths to give your dog the best, the best of what? The best food?

How is shock treatments have anything to do with food? Now I realize that this is the testing company, so lord knows what the purpose of all those tests are all I know is Iams is officially off my dogs menu forever! To the makers at Iams here’s a little tip for you, if the food is organic, healthy, with no fillers or by products, these tests would be a moot issue!

Sleep well people at Iams, knowing that you work for a company that does this, to innocent dogs! You all make me sick!




Michael Vick is the world’s biggest horses can, and here’s the proof! I bet the league is plotting how they can spin doctor this one!

Just when I think this idiot can’t sink any lower, he does! I am left wondering though, does this guy have handlers? and if so were they off on a smoke break when he said that crap?

It is absolutely unbelievable that this pig can’t even muster up a real heartfelt emotion. Which just tells me that he has no heart, no soul, and no capacity to comprehend how awful what he did was!

This schmuck is incapable of understanding the gravity of his own words, amazing! And people actually let their kids cheer this guy on, they let them look up to him as a role model! Now saying that he wouldn’t change anything, I know what you are all thinking, but read the article and read between the lines, that’s all I can say about it.



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