Daily Archives: April 14, 2011

When will you be moved to action?

Great video by Animal Abusers Exposed, way to go gang!


It’s time people step outside the box you’ve placed yourself in and take action!

If these dogs can survive this, the least we can do is get it together and take a stand on their behalf!


Allowing oneself to become desensitized to abuse is a bigger shame than abuse itself!

Penny has hit the nail on the head!


Just something to think about!


Michael Vick…, what else can I say except…., BARF!


For those who say he has paid his debt, are you serious?!

Every ceremony, every ring, every award this guy gets fills my gut with bile!  when I have to see his smug face plastered everywhere, I feel sick knowing that this sub-human walks the streets with good folks. What a miscarriage of justice!

One need only talk to or read about Richard Hunter ,his dog Mel and all the other dogs to fully grasp how bad it was there! I find myself wondering if these tortured dogs will ever find peace, ever be able to move past the abuse, I guess only time will tell.

Until then….. Mel, Richard, and family, my thoughts are with you! They are with all the dogs!


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