Disapointing for Patrick and all those who stand behind him, and against abuse and neglect! What’s the message we send then?

This is very upsetting news, The mayor called this a horrific case of abuse and neglect, so what is happening!

At the 2nd hearing on Friday, May 6, Kisha Curtis will be offered a plea deal. Based on her offenses, she will most likely be offered 18 months of probation.Public Defender Kelly Lerner (Curtis’ P…ublic Defender) will recommend Curtis to take this plea deal because if she refuses it, each time she goes back to court, the penalties will just get harsher. There is NO doubt in my mind that she will plea out on Friday, May 6th.

 Additionally, the presiding judge is no longer Judge Velez-Lopez. The new judge is said to be extremely lenient. However, we do NOT want to contact the judge, as I was told that it will only aggravate the judge & that there is NO judge who wants to be the first judge to make an example out of an animal abuser. HOW TRULY DISTURBING!!!

We need to contact Cheryl Cucinello IMMEDIATELY & let her know that this is completely wrong, unacceptable and a major travesty of justice. While many of you may have already written to Carolyn Murray, she is only the acting Prosecutor overseeing this case, she is NOT the Prosecutor trying this case.

 It is vital to this case that you post this invitation to your wall cross-post it to anyone & everyone you can possibly think of, every politician’s wall, every pet related site on Facebook and anywhere else that you can think of!!!

Prosecutor, Cheryl Cucinello

Essex County Prosecutors Office

50 West Market Street

Newark NJ, 07102

Fax: 973-621-4560


About apitome

I am a mother, a pit bull advocate, but mostly I am just like any of you, I am passionate about politics, the environment and dog advocacy. I want possitive changes within the judicial system as well. I want my children to grow up in a country where we are not told what breed of dog we can own. I want to see BSL put in the trash where it belongs! I want to see the constitution protected but not manipulated *see anything on the mosque near ground zero (USA) or changing Merry Christmas to Happy Holidays (Canada)* I am not racist in any way shape or form against any ethnic group, I do however have prejudices against bad behavior! If you abuse our laws, kids, the elderly, or animals, If you move to a new country and then demand that country to change everything about it's laws & way of life to suit your own agenda, If you blatantly break those laws with no regard and show no repect for them, if you engage in dog fighting or any other forms of animal abuse, torture or neglect, or if you are a pedophile, Than yes! You are on my radar for sure, and I will do EVERYTHING within my power to see you stopped and brought to justice! Furthering that goal, I have no qualms about publishing the names and faces of convicted abusers. I am not trying to change the world, I simply want to see things improve not backslide, Mostly for my children and these wonderful dogs futures! I may say things you agree with, and I may say things that you won't agree with, I may anger you, challenge you, or just plain piss you off, but in my book that's ok as long as long as it inspires some form of action on your part. This is not a popularity contest, If I have said anything about a group or person that you don't agree with please feel free to leave a comment or simply don't come back. If You have been mentioned in my blog it is for one of two reasons, you are either an advocate or you are an abuser loser, if you are the latter I could care less what you think! I value the opinions of trash about as much as I do that of a slug! Everything in print here is a matter of public record, or came from a trusted source, with that said, I am certainly willing to print both sides of any story, in an effort to be fair and always print the truth! View all posts by apitome

27 responses to “Disapointing for Patrick and all those who stand behind him, and against abuse and neglect! What’s the message we send then?

  • Kelli McMillan

    It is unimaginable to me how anyone could have so little regard for life and allow another human being to engage in such cruelty without sufficient punishment to deter others from horrific acts while also enabling the offender to spend some time thinking about the value of a life while incarcerated. Clearly she needs to have some of her freedoms removed in order to realize that having power over animals is not a right to abuse them.

    Kelli McMillan

  • Dawn

    Then I hope this “lenient judge” is also the same Judge who precides over the next case agaisnt this monster, except the next time it will probably be against a human, (child?, elderly person? at least a person much weaker than she is…). Since when can you not send letters to a judge about a case?? This is disgusting. Hope this Judge remembers it at election time!! Honorable he/she is NOT!!

  • naina

    i can’t belive it…poor dog has suffrd so much n this is d punishment for it?

  • Laureen Wheeler

    . . . and this is why we are here. WE need to continue our fight so people like Keisha Curtis will no longer get away with animal abuse and neglect. We need to stand by our beliefs that one day people like Keisha Curtis will actually pay for their crimes.

  • Diana

    Where is the information about the plea deal coming from? NJ SPCA is saying this information is false.

    • apitome

      Actually this information came to me through a friend who has been monitoring the case very closely, now as it turns out, there has been great pressure placed on the DA to come up with a punishment that would reflect the level of abuse that was placed on Patrick, Sorry I have no updated this post simply becuase things are going back and forth, I was waiting until May 6th to be sure exactly what their plans for her where, A New Jersey news paper initially reported the plea deal, and it could be that, that was the information they were given at the time, I feel that in cases like this, more and more public pressure is being placed on Authorities to step up, but we do have to keep in mind they have to go by what the law states, until such time as we can change the laws to better protect our furry friends. I am hopeful that she will not be allowed to just walk away with a slap on the wrist, but I remain causiously optimistic. We shall see 🙂 and thank you for the comments Diana, I know everyone is watching and waiting for the end result, Personally I do want the correct info getting out there, not just guessing, so as I say we will have to wait and see, for Patrick’s sake I pray the DO NOT let him down!

  • Rachel

    It is disgusting and shocking that no judge is EAGER, ENTHUSIASTIC, and UNWAVERINGLY COMMITTED to making an example out of these shameful excuses for human beings who commit these CRIMES against these defenseless creatures. I would be proud to be the person who stands up for right and makes it clear that this type of behavior won’t be tolerated one freaking minute longer..

    • apitome

      Sing it Rachel! I fel the same way, I think that if these authority figures are not capable of doing what is right, and just, then maybe it’s time we re-evaluate who we put in these positions, and how these people should be punished! More and more there are people just like you, just lie me, who have had enough! Thanks so much for letting you opinions and voice to be heard, your comments and support are welcome here anytime!

  • Brooke

    Like I keep saying…… All of these law-makers, judges etc…. that continue to be leniant… or just look at animal cruelty as an insignificant problem that they do not have to the time to deal with, are going to end up learning the hard way! Continue to let this problem persist and these abusers , who I assure you are involved in other criminal activities will continue to walk around free and theses judges will someday be responsible for a child’s death, a young woman’s rape, or a child’s overdose etc…. Animal cruelty is an indicator of a very sick, vicious criminal, who is a menace to society and will victimize someone again! I hope it is not one of these people’s family members who fall prey to one of the monsters that they let back onto the streets. Is that really what it is going to take? I am really losing faith in our justice system! If the way we treat animals is an indication of the kind of people we are, then this world is in a lot of trouble! DO Something people!!!!

    • apitome

      Very well said Brooke! Thank you! I am glad that there are more people everyday willing to speak out and do what is right by our “companion” animals. They were not meant to be some sicko’s source of enterainment. They were domesticated for many reasons, but companionship was at the for front! I have to say that I have felt and said many of those same things. And I agree that if we don’t step up, our society will suffer greatly in the end.

  • Debra Knowles

    You know, ‘the way a nation treats it’s animals is a mark of how it treats it’s people’. That this ‘person’ has been allowed to do this says a great deal about her character and her lack of Self. I hope that when she leaves this plane, she vanishes into a ‘poof’ of vapor, not to return again.

    How could anyone do this to a helpless creature?

  • Donna Sweeney

    Justice for Patrick, A life for a life I say. so does God :@)

    what She did was murder, no matter if it’s an animal or not it is still a living being & with feelings just like Us. We bleed, They can bleed 2, We have a heart and so do They etc…..

    Justice for Patrick, He deserves it,
    We’re all rutting for You Patrick.
    Love You Patrick xoxoxo.

    • apitome

      Thank you Donna! its nice to see there are so many supporters out there pulling for Justice for Partick, I think the entire world has fallen in ove with this sweet little boy!

  • midnight angel6660

    i got the posting for patrick just 24 hrs after he was found. i was horrifyed i truely thought i was looking at a dead pup was suprised to find he was alive.i am owned by 2 pittys and would rather starve myself than see them go without. i hunt and track pit fighters am currently tracking4 rings pics downloaded and saved useless to turn em in around here these bozos bet the fights .disgusting am following a case in macon where a kid beat his pitty and got a 15 yr stint in the trash can where he belongs.whats her fuss deserves the same if not more.this was a premedatated and delibrate attempted murder of patricks wonderful self .starving him stuffing him in a trash bag throwing a verry terrifyed puppy down a trash shoot where she knew he would be killed in the trash compactor and his crushed body in a garbage dump and this idiot wants to give her 18 mo probation ?!!he needs to be removed from the bench outrageous!!!!!hes on my screan saveri wept for days my dogs coats still aint properly dri i advocate and cross post for as many rescues as i can keep stright about 10 at the momentmy alice is a rescue and just turned a year my midnight is 12 1/2 yrs and has cancer patrick is an honary member of my pack thanks for doing what you do put the word out please keep me posted thanks

    • apitome

      Thank you for sharing your story, If you have evidence of fighting, save what you have and turn it over the the FBI, they must act. I hope Midnight can survive this, you and your pack will be in my thoughts! Thank you for doing everything you can, and for supporting Patrick! 🙂

  • midnightangel6660

    just sent a mass posting will also post here we are not going to go quiet in fact we are turning up the volume alot i have called for a protest out side the court where she will be on may 6 and want to get as many in the court room its self showing our support for our lil boy we are delugeing the prosacuters fax room i have posted world wide thats going to be one suprised prosacuter if i get my way the link is as followspost and pass https://www.facebook.com/eventphp?eid=16833279891702 would love to see protesters outside the court house as well signs candels purple ribbons grab the medias attn really crank the heat up the above site has all the fax numbers mailling address all the wepons we need now all we need is tons of faces i have a lovely pic in my head what a sight patrick then and now purple everywhere people shoulder to shoulder

    • apitome

      I am in full support! If I lived there you canbet your bippy I’d be there!, I am on face book as well, I have a page there called apitomes page for pit bulls you are welcome to post anything there to help spread the word!

  • Angela Beaumont

    Earlier in 2011, in the UK, Mary Bales, (a middle-aged bank worker) was given a mere 250 British pounds fine for dumping a live cat (someone’s much-loved pet)in a wheelie bin, a portable household dustbin on wheels. She left it there (no remorse), and it was lucky it was discovered using CCTV footage from the owner’s house surveillance camera, before the bin was tipped into the dustcart for the rubbish to be compacted. The judge at her trial said this woman had “suffered enough” already at the hands of the media and public outrage: a comment which was supposed to explain the inadequate and disgracefully lenient punishment handed out to Bales. Thereafter (surprise, surprise),a few weeks ago, a live lamb was found in, and rescued from (wait for it) a wheelie bin, again in the UK!! When judges give lenient sentences they make not only a mockery of their profession , but of themselves both morally and professionally, and furthermore give a bright green light to society to say that such cruelty is completely acceptable. The law favours the perpetrator these days. Law Societies must expect a rise in vigilantism when justice continually fails the victim. We see it all the time here in South Africa where decent people take the law into their own hands because of their understandable frustration at the very real lack of justice in the courts. Justice for Patrick and the very best of luck to Prosecutor Cheryl Cucinello and her team for tomorrow. I will be thinking of you Patrick.

    • apitome

      How very well put Angela, and I have to say that you are completely correct, inadequate punishment, only fans the fires of the animal abuse debate, when those who value animals, continuously see how deeply and in such profound ways we fails our companion animals, it does lead to vigilante type acts. Look at the ALF, the Animal Liberation Front, was created out of disgust with animal welfare laws, out of frustration in witnessing the levels of abuse that go on behind closed door and in secret, and out of a sense of wanting to take the action that our governments are seemingly unwilling to do. If Kisha Cutis is given this “deal” mark my words it will send a mesage that abuse on an animal is ok, is not worthy of a tough sentance! And in the end it is our companion animals who will pay the ultimate price for our wishy-washy ways!

  • rene kent

    I am so sad to find out that this abuser is getting off like this. This is so wrong. What she did was caused extreme suffering and almost death to this beautiful puppy. How can she not be punished! We can’t just have punishment fit a judges personality. We need clear cut laws that state you did this, this is what you get and it should be for everyone. I just can’t fathom when you look at the photos of this dog and what she did to it. This took time it was no accident. She watched and let this dog starv while she was eating and sleeping and living her life. While she knew she was torturing a living creature. This is just telling animal abusers go a head we don’t really care, we just have to seem like we do to pacify some people. It is an atrocity and immoral. We are a nation under God what does this message send to our children and other countries. We are supposed to be better than this.

  • midnightangel6660

    well this should not come as a suprise the broad pleaded not guilty . now more than ever patrick could use those faxes in his honor all will be submitted durring the trial every last jot and tittleand you dont have to be a resident of the us to send one every day i see more and more patricks on my page and it kills me but the good news is shes going to take a chance against a jury and i hope every one of them are proud pitty owners as we are 2 PIT MAMA AND DAM PROUD OF MY ANGELS!!!!

  • Gabe de Kelaita

    That worthless bitch! She’s trash and that’s all she will ever be!



  • carie gouldsbrough

    How about not owning pets? I am discusted w our justice system

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