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Please help Ben get back the horse his #@!% stepfather sold while he was away!


Ben and his mom are desperately trying to find his horse and buy her back, please share!!!!!


Well at least this puts a smile on my face today! Love you Patrick, glad to see you are improving everyday!

I hope this link works YouTube is a bit glitchy today!  This just made my day!



Take a peak at this…, very cool idea, bring the shelter pets to you!



screening is still key but this is a great way to bring attention to shelter pets!


Disapointing for Patrick and all those who stand behind him, and against abuse and neglect! What’s the message we send then?

This is very upsetting news, The mayor called this a horrific case of abuse and neglect, so what is happening!

At the 2nd hearing on Friday, May 6, Kisha Curtis will be offered a plea deal. Based on her offenses, she will most likely be offered 18 months of probation.Public Defender Kelly Lerner (Curtis’ P…ublic Defender) will recommend Curtis to take this plea deal because if she refuses it, each time she goes back to court, the penalties will just get harsher. There is NO doubt in my mind that she will plea out on Friday, May 6th.

 Additionally, the presiding judge is no longer Judge Velez-Lopez. The new judge is said to be extremely lenient. However, we do NOT want to contact the judge, as I was told that it will only aggravate the judge & that there is NO judge who wants to be the first judge to make an example out of an animal abuser. HOW TRULY DISTURBING!!!

We need to contact Cheryl Cucinello IMMEDIATELY & let her know that this is completely wrong, unacceptable and a major travesty of justice. While many of you may have already written to Carolyn Murray, she is only the acting Prosecutor overseeing this case, she is NOT the Prosecutor trying this case.

 It is vital to this case that you post this invitation to your wall cross-post it to anyone & everyone you can possibly think of, every politician’s wall, every pet related site on Facebook and anywhere else that you can think of!!!

Prosecutor, Cheryl Cucinello

Essex County Prosecutors Office

50 West Market Street

Newark NJ, 07102

Fax: 973-621-4560


So Harrisburg cops drink cups of crazy too! Good to know!


Since when is shooting two dogs in the head humanely euthanizing them? We all know if it was two labs that “scared people” they wouldn’t have been shot. I’m also not buying their “they killed a cat” story, sorry boys heard that one before in Newbrunswick, but nice try!

Police wonder why people have no respect for them any more, well boys and gals it’s called a rampant abuse of authority! As for me I do admire the police they do a hard job that most of us wouldn’t want to , but respect is earned not given!

The bad seeds need to be removed from the apple grove gang, Fire the idiots involved!


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