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Interesting spin from an Insurance Company!

It would seem Einhorn Insurance has got you covered! way to go Einhorn!



Why are there people out there that have to take something good and turn it into garbage?


Great article Amy! and thanks!

Why is this woman so defensive over this Facebook page, this name Patrick’s Law? First off who the heck does this clod think she is? She doesn’t own Patrick, she doesn’t oversee his welfare, and she doesn’t pay his Vet bills! Therefore I have dropped the page “Patrick’s Law” from my Facebook account!

I will not support someone who is using this little dog’s tragedy for their own personal agenda, and If I see this thing get bigger or catch wind of a “Donate Now” button I may just puke!

For each State to want to start something good, to create change in honor of Patrick and end the type of abuse he suffered, well I for one support that 100% and this attention whore wants to smash that because She owns the rights to “Patrick’s Law”  Are you serious Rachel? Really? Show me some proof  that you obtained copyright of  said “name”. 

Show something that states that you created anything other than a Facebook page, and newsflash sweetie anyone with five minutes and some friends can do that much!

You have a “God Complex” Ms. Rachel Wolf, and I think you need to get off your high horse and remember your place!

Anyone and everyone has the right to be inspired by Patrick’s brave spirit to survive abuse and neglect, and to create something in his honor, as I say unless you have copyright, you don’t have anything, and you need to shut it! And Who ever said you own the rights to Patrick, his story or anything to do with him?

I am really getting sick and tired of people who see stories like this and then, Boom! they inject themselves into this godlike position of “saviour” when they have done little or nothing that directly touches that animal. you are a parasite and nothing more!

To anyone out there that wants to honor Patrick, from a place of selflessness, and from an open heart, trying to end these crimes against Mother Nature’s fur kids, I say rock on! And don’t let some pissy little mouthpiece with attitude tell you, you can’t! Go out there make things happen! If Patrick inspired that in you, then he did not suffer in vain or for nothing!


Answers to the breed bite query…, not so much!

Out of all seven letters I dropped off with vets I received ZERO feedback, kind of scary that even vets don’t want to help change the face of BSL, maybe the bias goes further than I thought! I will be scanning and adding the letter from the city and the letter to vets today, so everyone can take a look at what was asked and the answers I received.

Are we all just going to continue to be sheep and follow the butt in front? Or can we learn and grow, and educate rather than legislate? I don’t know anymore, I sure see a lot of people willing to let this breed die, what they don’t stop to think about is that their dog will be next on the hit list. That is very sad to me.


Bi-atch got’s some brass ones! Here’s what she did on her night of freedom, did she go see Patrick, Nope! Crazy went out to dinner!

Update 3/26: According to GSVS, they may sedate him next week to see what foreign body he has swallowed. Once that physical problem has been solved, they will be increasing his food intake.

Update 3/24 He is still pathetically thin. Staffers had previously given a second blood transfusion to help him. The Associated Humane Societies is paying for the miraculous
recovery of this neglected and abused dog. We knew it would be a long, arduous, and expensive effort.
Through an ultrasound, a foreign body was found inside of Patrick. He may have swallowed something to quell the hunger that he experienced. Presently, he is too weak, but as he gets stronger, they will explore this problem. It has not prevented his eating, drinking or defecating.
We are receiving pictures and messages from other animals asking to keep strong …. keep going. Life is precious!The Associated Humane Societies has set up a Reward Fund and is now offering a $2,500 reward for the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator. There is probably more in the fund but the figures are not available yet.
Patrick’s story has inspired people from all over the world to donate towards his care. The building in which Patrick was rescued is 22 stories high and has 550 apartments. Some leads have come in and have been referred to the NJ SPCA for investigation. All calls concerning the perpetrator will be held in strict confidence.

Update 3/24 This email was just sent to me:This message is from Pat Scavelli at Garden State Veterinary Specialists. Our hospital and Patrick have been overwhelmed by the
response of the public to Patrick’s plight. We appreciate everything you have done to get the message out. At this point Patrick’s care has been provided for and we would appreciate it if you would remove our direct phone number from your site. The number of calls we are receiving is making it difficult for us to properly assist our other patients and clients. I would encourage people to support their local associations in Patrick’s honor. Thank you again for helping Patrick in this way. We have created our own Facebook page so that we can continue to keep his supporters updated on his condition and his ultimate placement in a forever home. Patrick is eternally grateful for your help as are we!

Update 3/23 We have hit a bump in the road 😦 An x-ray showed some sort of foreign body. It could be a sock or part of a blanket. It’s not uncommon to find something like this in dogs that are starved. Patrick was so hungry he might have eaten anything to fi…ll his stomach,” said Sanchez.

Address of the douche bag who dumped Patrick-Garden Spires Apartments on 7th street in Newark

Update 3/22 Patrick is starting to walk more, wants to eat more and he is WAGGING HIS TAIL NOW!! This is great news!

Update 3/22 The Society is offering a $2,000.00 reward for information leading to the arrest and capture of the perpetrator(s). If you would like to contribute towards the reward fund, please indicate this specifically in Instructions when you make your donation. Go to ahscares.org, scroll down to Patrick’s story and at the end click on “more” for info on how to donate.

Update 3/21 Patrick is doing better and gaining strength everyday. I talked to the ER nurse today and she said he is very strong and hanging in there. I was also contacted by a reporter for The Star-Ledger and she asked me to email her pictures of Patrick and they are going to do a write-up of the little man and hopefully someone will come forward to catch the SOB!! This is good news!

Update 3/20 Patrick is off IV for now and taking medications orally. He is watched for any changes constantly. His blood tests are showing improvement in volume. Can stand a little, but not yet ambulatory. He is being fed small amounts every few hours to limit nausea. His kidneys and liver seem to be ok. He is also being treated for bedsores. This morning he was taken off IV, and there is improvements in his blood volume.

Update: 3/20 The ER nurse stated Patrick tried standing on his own and that he is doing good but has a long recovery ahead of him. I will post updates as I get them or if any of you have updates please feel free to share and post. To clarify I did not rescue Patrick and have had no hand in his care, I got ahold of his story and posted it and had no clue that it would turn into this meaning in such a positive way with all the donations and well wishes for Patrick. I have created a petition for him getting the justice he deserves and the vile piece of shit that did this to him to pay. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/patrick-starved-dog-thrown-down-garbage-chute/

Garden State Veterinary say this boy is doing great so far! he is their favorite patient!

New Video Clip of Patrick, since receiving Medical Care:

Patrick now has a Fan Page on Facebook! Please take a look! 🙂

The depths to which human depravity can sink, as illustrated by this story and gut wrenching pictures can shock even those of us who have seen the worst of the worst.
The misery, pain and callousness inflicted by humans is more than can be understood by most people. It’s accepted that many people do not like animals or dogs or pit bulls in particular. However, the heartless manner in which a dying animal is tossed away like garbage is not only reprehensible but the increase that we have seen indicates a downward spiral of compassion, moral fiber and ethics.
The 22 story apartment building is equipped with garbage chutes on each floor for tenants. Someone had no more use for this dog. They had starved it to near death, put it in a garbage bag and threw it down the garbage chute. A maintenance worker cleans out the bin every few days and on Wednesday, March 16th, they were cleaning out the contents of the container to go directly into a trash compactor. The bag moved a little and the worker opened it to find a moribund dog inside — pathetically thin, cold and near death.
he City of Newark Animal Control was contacted and ACO Arthur Skinner picked up the dog and brought him directly to the Society. The veterinary staff immediately put him on intravenous fluid.His temperature was so low that it did not even register on the thermometer. He was covered with heating pads and blankets. Society vet tech Gina DeSalvo held the pit bull in her arms — she soothed him, gave him warmth, comfort and bits of food. From that moment on, he looked up with gratitude in his eyes to all the staff
After a brief time at the Society’s Newark facility, he was ambulanced to Garden State Veterinary Specialists in Tinton Falls — a referral hospital with 24 hour emergency care. If he died during that night, we feel he would know that everyone loved and cared about him and treated him gently and lovingly. He amazed everyone at the Society and at Garden State by surviving with the 24 hour emergency care that they rendered. He was given a blood transfusion, a bath — and even a walk! In honor of the first day of his re-birth, we call him Patrick — in honor of St. Patrick’s Day and we hope he has the luck of the Irish!.

So while this cow eats dinner, on her first night of freedom, Patrick still fights to hold onto life! NICE!
Speak up for Patrick!!!!!!!!

Losers get a break, A mistrial? are you kidding me? come on now!


What is wrong with people? Mistrial?

Dear lord I thought the world was waking up, not going further into a coma! Things like this make me think we are not progressing at all!


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