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Please sign and share the petition for maximum sentance for Kisha Curtis AKA “The Emaciator” as I lovingly refer to her!

Never forget how poor Patrick looked!


Well it’s about time the law stepped up on animal abuse, help change the laws folks!


Looks like crazy has a new face this week, another woman! I’m not suggeting that women can’t be abusers we know they can, but WOW! This is becoming a real trend, and a very sad one at that!


Ding, Ding, Ding, we have a winner of the low sperm count award! way to go guy, I hope your cell mate chews your things too!

Check out this incredibly un-believable story, who does that?


It’s official I hate people again, and just when I stared to think maybe the human race has hope, I come across this!


A picture of Saint sleeping in the car on his way to his new home, how cool is this?

Good luck buddy, you have a great life in store for you now! Sorry the first part of your life was a sad story, but you found your happy ending my friend!

Is this a trend and I missed the memo? FEED YOUR DOGS!

This really pissed me off! don’t get a dog if you can’t feed it, and if it is more a case of you like control, deciding if, and when your dog can and will eat….,  Seek immediate help!


It takes very little to provide for a dog in terms of food, the old “I can’t afford it” is a bull s!#t cop out dogs can survive on what people eat in a pinch! This is not just a case of heart wrenching neglect and cruelty, it is the finest example of how messed up some members of the human race can be!

Find a professional and get some couch time in and fix your head, whom ever you are, sleep with one eye open! you are one seriously disturbed person! FYI freaks, if you don’t want them there are thousands of people who would!


****UPDATE**** on Saint the Urgent pit bull!!!

I am happy to report Saint has been Saved!!!!!!! he was pulled from the shelter before he could be euth’ed. He is now in the loving arms of his new fur-always family, and the are committed to giving Saint the very best life, for the rest of his life!!!!

One less statistic! Go Saint, enjoy buddy! you deserve only the best…, MWAH!

Gotta love a happy ending!!!!!


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