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The biggest reason I have always had a little crush on Bob Barker.., he loves animals as much as I do, GO BOB!


Love you Bob! and thanks!


UGH! Poor London. Still think animals don’t need us to toughen up the laws?

My name is London. My owner “allegedly” let me starve in the backyard of his home where my only shelter was piles of garbage that I could hide under. He is still being investigated for animal cruelty so he abandoned me in the local shelter to avoid the cost of putting me down since he would not pay for my vet care. There, I was living in a cage surrounded by scary noises and smells until today when a nice lady from the Florida Boxer Rescue showed up. I am so thin and weak that I can hardly walk but I licked her fingers and she helped me to leave. I am still very scared but she took me to the doctor where they are working to save my life. Please pray for me and please help to raise awareness of my situation so that my owners do not simply get to walk away from what they have done with just a ticket.
 So why get a dog buddy, if you have no intention of caring for it? I hate people like this, in fact, they make vigilantism look like a great option!  This poor dog had the misfortune of ending up with this Butt Clown for an alpha, instead of someone sane and kind, and who understands the word “COMMITMENT”  Hopefully now she will get all the love and care she should have had from the word go!
My thoughts are with you London, you go girl! get well soon sweet lil gal!

Unchained…, will you unchain yours? freedom is precious, don’t we all derserve to run around and have fun?

This is awesome! Music’s pretty catchy too, morning all!

Who will you unchain?


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