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Worthy of a second posting, and the reason Penny Eims is a superstar! Thanks Penny!



Rock Star Abel, shows em’ how to make a come back!


Go Abel go!

To the person who left him under that bridge…, Your loss man!


Whoo Hoo! they found the owner of the second starved puppy! fingers crossed for a hardline sentance!


Poor little guy, I wish you had someone, anyone there for you buddy! I’m sorry my kind seems to suck so bad!


It’s all in the name…, Bark out for Ban Ignorance!

please check out Ban Ignorance’s website, very cool stuff right there!

Ban Ignorance

I have included their link on my sidebar as well, where all the best links live!


The Partick movement, come on, come on, lets work together! Great video guys!

Love this!


Another fake rescue, another day in paradise city!

Sylvie Kobollti is back with fake ChipIn’s, stealing money from the dogs who need it most! Please read and share – help us educate our animal rescue friends! This is a photo I found thru Google of Sylvie Kobollti (also search spelled Sylvie Koboltti) Google and Facebook search her and see many people have recent scam stories and are comparing notes on her – My personal story: She was emailing me (and my daughter) along with many other people who she saw on a death row dogs thread trying to get people to donate to her, saying she was going to pull, and that was AFTER the shelter told her, as well as everyone else on that thread, that she was not going to pull and that they told her they would not release the dog to her. She does this all the time, emailing people she finds on a thread, writing things like “I WILL PULL”, NO ONE ELSE WILL HELP!” “MUST OR THIS DOG WILL DIE!!”

She is always messaging people on death row dogs picture threads talking about pulling a dog and taking it to her place of business which when looked up by a friend of mine was a vet or pet store – I think name of it was Pet Palace? A friend of mine looked that place up and said that the only place with that name is a very small veterinarians office. She never has normal plans for dog she is trying to pull. Most rescues don’t just pull with no plan, no place to take the dog, she just wants to pull with no foster or anyone offering a home. She’ll say she’ll put it in boarding or take to her work at Pet Palace. She’s not even a good scammer but she rips loads and loads of people off. Will lay low for a while then come back with a vengeance and rip off a bunch of people again. Please warn your friends and be careful, she will be back maybe with different name but same style of con. There is a special place in hell for people like her.

What kind of black hearted person could take money and never pass it on where it’s so badly needed and especially post that she’s going to pull a dog after taking money to pull, making ppl think dog will be saved and then no one show up to save the dog, and the dog is pts. It’s so sad, animals are paying the price with their lives and after everything they’ve already been through! How can she live with that and sleep at night??

Spellings she uses of the name SYLVIE KILIBOTTI: Sylvie Kilboltti (also spelled Kilbollti)

Sylvia Alexander
Blue Dog,
Sylvia Crane
Xena On
Sly Stone


This is what the victims look like (see link below) not just humans, but sweet innocent dogs who have already been through so much. We see these dogs and we want to help, she sees them and sees dollar signs. Follow this link http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=269264&id=590235405 for the story on the two dogs she picked up after getting a whole bunch of chipin money for, and dumped them at a vets office leaving a huge bill owed and two very sad dogs who thought they were being rescued.  This woman’s scam was discovered by a friend on Facebook, she found this girl’s “birthday Wish to help dogs” and almost donated as well, the scam is fake chip in’s.

As I have said before unless you know the rescue, or the chip in goes directly to a vet, it is never a good idea to donate, you never know who these people are and she is an example of the underbelly that seeks to steal your money, and let down these dogs! Very sad!

Thank you Rebecca for bringing this to my attention, and the attention of all animal advocates and legitimate rescues!


Sing it Penny! I guess starving a puppy is not such a bad crime after all! What a great message to send New Jersey!


Thanks again Penny for being a champion, a voice!

This is a slap in the face to abused animals everywhere!




Big Girl needed a saviour, and they came far too late! will her “owner” go unpunished as well?

“Big Girl” was found on the ground weighing less than the chain around her neck. She had clearly been starved—she was a pile of bones and had raw, mostly hairless skin with absolutely no body fat. A veterinarian later told us that Big Girl’s stomach contained nothing but dirt, leaves, a piece of corn cob with two kernels on it, and a piece of dry, caked fecal matter. Big Girl had been left to suffer for so long that she had begun to decompose. Four different generations of maggots were eating away at her body. When we gently peeled her off the ground, she moaned. She could not see us or hear us, but we hope she knew that we were there to help her. We sent Big Girl off to heaven with kind words and a gentle lethal injection. We wished we could have ended her misery much, much sooner.

 This was an excerpt from a rescue post on Facebook, I look at this poor dog, and I can only think where was the compassion? Where did the love go? Or did you ever have it for her in the first place? I am thankful I was not the one there to lift her from the ground to hear that sound, if I had been I assure you there would be one less abusive neglectful owner in the world!

I know how that sounds, but I can say with 100% certainty that I could flick the switch on the person who did this, and never lose a nights sleep over it!  How anyone could let this poor girl get to that state, why did you get a dog? Why did you keep her? What is wrong with you, or missing in you, that you could allow this? and what is wrong with the rest of you who choose to look away or forget! To go into tomorrow unchanged?

We should all be ashamed! We are a disease upon this earth, we say we have the “Brains” but we refuse to use them for the good of all! We say we are the only species that can feel compassion, Incorrect my Neanderthal friends! Nature has shown us to be wrong. Wrong on so many levels!

We are the weeds that plague mother Nature’s garden. A mistake, a fungus that has gone unchecked for far too long! I am ashamed to be a member of this “Society” or “Species”

Is this really the world I have to leave to my children? A world where there is little or no punishment for the descimation of nature’s children? Disgusting!


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