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How one little dog touched so many, I love that boy!

Grow fast and grow strong Patrick! The world awaits you!


PETA, PETA, PETA, when will you stop? the killing and the lies!

I have previously blogged about PETA’s new-found interest in saving the pit bull breed, well, let’s have a little peruse of this document and you will see what her original thoughts were of the Pit Bull, but since public favour has switched for the pit bull, and good old Ingrid knows she can harness a buck off that, now PETA loves this maligned breed. Yeah right!

Also you will see how many animals PETA has secretly killed over the years, have a look and you tell me how Ethical they seem to you!

People for the ETHICAL treatment of animals? Hmmmm, in my mind killing animals who could be saved is not ethical or even fair treatment, its abuse plain and simple!

It is the only way to devert funds, now that part is purely my opinion, but I bet if we dug deep enought we would see I am right.


Thanks go out to No Kill Now for being another voice to speak out against the money machine that is PETA, see what happens when an organization loses sight of what’s right, as for Newkirk, I do not believe her efforts were ever purely altruistic!

please read and share!


Noelle Stanbridge, animal activist? or animal abuser? The video is pretty clear to me…., ABUSER!

I have been a strong pack leader with the dogs I have owned but I have NEVER used abuse as a training tool. using a weapon against any animal IS abuse lady! Plain and simple!

 So for this woman to claim she is an animal activist, lady you make me sick! Don’t pass yourself off as, or try to align yourself with those of us that really do care!

You so obviously are not their champion! The fact that this woman can keep the dogs she has sickens me beyond belief! Get it together Iowa, change your laws to protect the innocent!


Help find the soulless creep that did this! Another great story from Penny Eims, She’s got the animals backs!

Thanks again Penny for such a great article, thankfully this dogs last moments were ones filled with tenderness, and love!

RIP buddy, I’m sorry help came too late for you!



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