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Life starts to suck bad for Kisha Curtis.., Awe poor baby PFTH!


 The fourth-degree criminal charge was UPGRADED from previously filed animal cruelty charges. Curtis faces 18 months in jail or a $3,000 fine if convicted.

Still not strong enough to suit me but it’s a start and I’ll accept that as a good sign!


updates on baby Patrick!

Here is a link where you can check up on Patrick, he is doing very well, dispite all of Kisha Curtis’s eforts to kill him he is beating the odds and her!

Way to go Buddy! We all send you love and support, and who says the world doesn’t love a pit bull?


He’s lookin’ pretty darn good to me! Keep getting stronger Patrick your fur-always loving home is out there!


Democracy and Denver what would you ask?

Check out the very last question, and then check the results!

detail.html poll

displaySurveyResults.cfm?contentid=27326080&sitekey=DEN&questionum=1&answer1=21 results

Well, isn’t that interesting! So Denver city council, what do you have to say about that?


Yet another winner! ding ding ding! Please sign the petition to get the remaining animals out of this monster’s home!




Is this garbage a trend?


All I can say is…., nothing.., I have no words at the moment!

With the exception of, this is why I love animals and hate most people!


Seriously world.., WTF?!

And some of you worry about pit bulls? Please!


So here’s the upstanding member of society that starved Baby Patrick the pit bull puppy!

Just so everyone in the internet world will know the face and name of the evil cow, that sat eating dinner every night, while  watching her puppy starve to death, even a shelter would have been better than what this B#@! allowed him to go through!

So Kisha Curtis, since you are the type of coward that likes to hide how evil you are, I just thought I’d burst your little bubble and do my part to share with the world who you are!

Have a nice day Kisha! 🙂


$6000.00 euro’s offered for the puppy killers, the walls may be closing in on these apes, greed will get the better of their friends!


This is fabulous news!

I really hope that greed will over take their friends and family in this case, it’s only a matter of time now assassin’s enjoy your freedom while it lasts!


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