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Bloggers have no souls? Oh really!

I have recently been accused of directly naming individuals and writing scathing blogs about them. It was said that I am a coward, that blogging is easy because you can say what ever you want without regard or atonement.

Oh really! Well listen, I will say this, yes I certainly have named people directly, but I also welcome their opinions, if they don’t like what I have to say, there is a comment button located conveniently at the bottom of each post. Or they have the option of not visiting my blog.

I speak my mind, and I am sick and tired of sugar coating it for the masses who bruise easily, I could care less if their feelings are hurt, these are people who have either abused, neglected, or let down the animals they profess to help.

I started this blog with one intention, to educate the public about pit bulls and animal abuse, if organizations or individuals are named and you don’t like it, then don’t thrust yourself into the public eye in the first place. I have made no secrets about whom I do not like and or agree with, take it for what it is, but don’t ever tell me that I am a coward!

I don’t abuse animals and then hide behind a twisted and corrupt justice system. I don’t profess to help animals but only do it when it will bring me attention, and I certainly don’t take animals in under the guise of rescue, only to fail them once again.

I hope this has cleared it up for those who want to email me under a phony names while hurling insults, I have my information public, My name is Holly, (Apitome) is just the website and or blog title, I am an advocate for pit bulls and abused animals everywhere, sometimes when telling the truth feathers get ruffled, sorry but that’s just the way it is.

I started the blog because only 1 in every 600 pit bulls makes it out of a shelter alive, and most come from idiot owners that dog dump, some habitually, and the rest come from horrific circumstances from which some don’t survive! So if speaking out for them, if being their voice makes me a jerk, or if that makes me enemies with PETA, and the HSUS and every abuser out there so be it!


Well, well,well, So it’s not all bulls after all! Interesting stuff!

check this out;


Penny, once again…, Thank you! Great articles girl!


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