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The Loyalty of a dog!

How Loyal dog stays with his buddy.

Even in disaster! Some humans should take some notes here!


Bwah ha ha ha! I knew it would happen, the politicians see they may lose those sweet cushie jobs, so it’s back peddling time, or so I hope!


A good read, and I hope they win this one! Go advocates and owners!


If only we could be like that…, imagine.., how great our world could be, all creatures great and small! We are one!


That’s great! What a message to send to all those abusers!


$100 bucks? That’s it? Awesome way to go judge! We should be so proud!


Ahhh, so it wasn’t pit bulls after all, but the “Vet” in the story needs to get his facts straight, as a professional, this is disturbing!

Personally I truly feel a “Vet” should know better than to speak without first educating ones self, and I certainly would not want this guy as my vet!



Wanna see how your breed of choice ranks on a temperment test?

Check out the American Temperment Test Society Inc.’s  guide. They are very reliable and here’s a little taste for you:

Golden Retrievers pass at 84.6%

Pit Bulls pass at 86.0%

See for yourself, breeds are listed alphabetically.

ATTS this is their link.


If we allow legislation like this, if we allow abusers to evade the scope, we really are screwed!

So lets give even more rights to the abusers shall we! Check out this article by Activist Post. Thanks for bringing this to light guys!



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