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When will acts like this end? Enough already! Graphic images NOT FOR CHILDREN.

Graphic Images *****not for children******

or those of you who say things like, “I can’t look”  Well nobody enjoys images like this except very sick and disturbed people, however, how can you speak from a place of knowledge and truth if you have not  seen the whole truth?

I don’t like these anymore, than any of you, but you must understand THIS is happening! Not just in Spain, but in just about every country on the globe! 

The reason it continues, is two-fold. First, not enough people speak up, and second there are very few laws, with wide interpretations about what is punishable and what really is abuse, this is why I say, this has to change.

I can’t do it alone folks, please share, please write, please do your part, each and every person can contribute, I have been critical, to put it mildly, of the lack of interest or action  in relation to these issues, but the truth is anyone can take a stand. Even right in your own home! So I apologize if I have come off a bit aggressive, or holy than thou, that is not my intent, at all. The fact is that comes from a place of anger, and I have come to see that anger will not create change, cool heads, and hard work will do that!

For everyone that is passionate and does what they can to help, I thank you for your contribution to making a better world, not just for dogs, but all animals, and in turn our children, don’t leave them a world to fear, leave them one to be proud of, we were there once, and we will get there again!


I beg to differ, pit bulls can be just as good as therapy dogs, often they are the best. Talk to Ian Dunbar before jumping aboard the I hate pit bulls train!

No he didn’t bite anyone.

No, he never acted aggressively, and yes he is more than capable of being just as tender and loving as any other dog!



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