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My letter, my attempt to create change!

letter for politicians BSL

It may work it may not, but either way, at least I did something!

Just to update everyone, I have not heard back from even one vet in town as to which breeds if any that were asked to euthanize due to aggression or attacks. Now I can take that one of two ways, either, they don’t care, or they also have no data, I tend to believe the first one, but who knows, I only know that they are required to keep records so, there we have it.

In any case one step at a time, one day at a time, now I must go back to the city and try for the second time, I will be posting the letter they sent me which was filled with diatribe and fluff, but I expected that, it is the city after all! They want the bylaw, so they aren’t going to make it easy for me, but I am tenacious too!


Another day, another abuser arrested! Thanks Penny Eims for your great articles and tireless efforts to educate!


Penny you rock girl! Keep shouting from the roof tops and maybe one day you and I can sit down to a cup of coffee and discuss the joys of an abuseless society…, maybe, just maybe!

Fingers crossed!


If a teacher can still do some learning, so can you!


Great article!


So these are shelters workers? So what happened to treating animals with compassion, respecting life, all life. Will you speak out or just ignore it, and pretend it goes away?

I don’t care who you are, or how desensitized to death you become, hospice workers don’t chant “kill the old woman” now do they?

It becomes very tiresome when things like this are posted and still no one tries to change these things, I do what I can to raise awareness and create change everyday! I get some comments, people say they feel bad or the old oh how terrible, but then NOTHING, with each and every one of these I write emails to the directors of these shelters and to the Governor of the state, trying to end this kind of garbage, but here’s the deal folks, nothing will change unless we ALL stand up together, and be outraged enough to let your voices be heard.

Without that absolutely NOTHING will change, please do your part and stop this kind of senseless lack of compassion, get these people fired! The animals don’t need them, we certainly can’t have these  people there.

Their own personal feelings aside, if they are that heartless, what else do they do that we don’t see

please take action today.


$10,000.00 reward offered for dog abuser!

It is time people, time to come together as the animal loving community, and start catching and punishing these people, please share!


To all those who stand up and speak out when it counts, THANK YOU!


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