Daily Archives: March 12, 2011

well there are creeps everywhere.., its offical!


Come see me buddy! I have just the cure for people like you! So you like attacking defenseless animals? Watch your back friend, you never know when a dog lover might end up your cell mate good luck with that!

Another irresponsible owner tries to shift the blame to the victim!


That is the million dollar question what would you do? I will have to admit one thing, I would have to do whatever it took to protect myself and my dog, with that said I don’t carry a weapon, so I’m not too sure how that battle would play out, but still.


Bill 222 the best thing to happen to pit bulls in a long time…, Their freedom and redemption!

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Thanks Tie, for sharing this one, you are a huge voice for these dogs. Your tireless work to improve their reputation is appreciated!

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