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Tale of a puppy mill called Pretty Penny Kennels.

Heres a look into a Wisconsin puppy mill, and the total lack of protection by the authorities. Maybe I’m wrong but I thought we had organizations like the SPCA, ASPCA, and HSUS to step up when these things happen, Oh right! I forgot, their interests lie in publicity and gaining money, not spending it! I guess this case wasn’t high-profile enough to fit the bill!

This mill is still selling puppy’s and dogs even after all this;


WOW! Way to go guys, maybe if you wait long enough to step in even more puppies will die in “Barn fires”

Thanks for all you do in the name of the animals, you are really being a voice for the abused and forgotten on this one!


Needful Souls…, Isn’t that a catchy title for a bottom feeder to have come up with?

Nedful Souls owner is a liar, a frauster, a thief and a dog broker!  He is NOT repeat NOT a real rescue! Do not be fooled.

Brett Cochran is the man behind the rescue scam. Here are some of his aliases; Bret Cochran, Art Cochran, and Robin Cochran, Make no mistake this man could be buying pit bulls for dog fighting, but he will try to get his hands on any dog. His main goal is to get these dogs and sell them to the highest bidder. mainly to research facilities much like Dawn Bechtold! This man’s criminal past consists of fraud and theft. ( big shocker there!) These types often have a criminal past.

 I have to agree with Homney Valley GS Rescue on this point : If you work for, or run, a shelter or rescue program, please DO YOUR HOMEWORK!  Check references, do a criminal background check, do a home inspection. Do all you can to be sure you are releasing these dogs into the right hands. Remember anyone can sound good on paper.

I have always believed you can tell a lot about a person by their body language, little clues people unconsciously give about who or what they really are, but that’s a learned skill, and if in your gut you think there is something wrong, well there probably is!

I have major fears with people like this, Rescue’s are supposed to be the place that is a stop-gap, a transition house if you will, from one situation, into a new and bright beginning, it’s not supposed to be a pit stop on the way to hell!

 Now I know there are some fabulous rescues and shelters out there, that strive to be the best mid-point stop for these animals, but yet again, I find myself thinking it is far to easy for these types of people to set up shop, and prey on the weaknesses of others. There needs to be stronger guidelines put into place and better licencing procedures. I mean apparently any creepy little bottom feeder with thirty cents and a catchy name can become a rescue, NOT COOL! This creep has got to be stopped! Your days are numbered buddy!

I guess that the reason this goes on is no one wants to be the one to stand up and evoke change, and I am not asking any of you to do that, but it would be really nice if everyone could stand behind the people who do. Give support when you can, like a letter, or a donation, (Do your homework first on that one), or simply show up at a rally and give the back up to those of us that stick their necks out on a daily basis.

I’m not trying to shame anyone into action here, but it is so frustrating seeing this nonsense go on and on and on. When all it takes is very little action on the part of those of you who feel disgust when you read these stories, so don’t stop at simply reading it and moving on, join us! join in!  and save some lives!

For those of you that do take action, and stick your necks out, rock the boats, and challenge the laws or lack there of …, again I say Thank you!  Thank you for becoming part of the team, and part of the solution! So please share this and put an end to this nonsense and creeps like this guy. Let’s let him and all those like him know that we are coming, and we’re brining friends!


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