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Help find this stolen dog, his mommy misses him and wants him back home safe!


Thank you to everyone, please share asap!

Spain takes action against a puppy killer and his friends!

Take a look at all the Spanish cities lined up to take strikes and create change for the animals!

This document is in spanish but you can clearly see all the cities marked out, apparently spain wants these guys caught too!

Thank you Helena for sharing this info! 



KC Dog Blog, and why it is so great!

Check out this post, very informative links, and a great perspective!


Remember dog owners, babies should never be left alone with a dog, and always be sure your child and dog have been properly introduced, you want your dog to understand that your baby is now a member of your pack!

Thanks KC dog blog!


Facebook Group seeking Pro Bono Attourney to help find the spanish puppy killers!

Here is what two of the ladies from the group have drafted: Sorry, the links for the videos are attached I am not pleased to have to share them again so, please understand NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN DO NOT OPEN AND VIEW IF THEY ARE IN THE ROOM!

Letter/Email to Pro Bono Animal Rights Lawyers (by Muervet Douglas & Amanda Di Sensi)

Letter/Email to Pro Bono Animal Rights Lawyers (by Muervet Douglas & Amanda Di Sensi)


Dear Friends,

we have drafted the below Letter/Email to Pro Bono Animal Rights Lawyers. It includes all necessary information for the Lawyer to familiarize him/herself with the case.

Please look up some Pro Bono Lawyers specializing in Animal Law, and feel free to copy & paste the below:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am contacting you about a brutal case of animal torture and murder, and we urgently need your help.

A horrendous video was uploaded on February 9, 2011, showing the brutal torture and murder of 2 puppies. The killers blog mentioned the town of Badajoz, Spain, so the police of Badajoz was informed (by who I am not really sure, but I assume by outraged Spaniards who saw the video). The Spanish police did their investigation and said that the video is not from Spain but Colombia and the information was sent to Colombia.  But now Colombia is saying that video is not from there either. Somebody is lying here, because why would Colombia even come up.

The Killer used the “Blogger” Service from Google, and his blog has been removed in the meantime (we assume by Google after complaints), but I have listed the link info etc. at the bottom of this email.

Now I know the only way to obtain the IP address from Google (due to their strict privacy agreements) is by court order, and that is why the animal loving community needs the help of a skilled animal loving lawyer who is willing to help us find the monster.

I advise you to NOT watch the video, but if you do, you will understand our cry for help, because it is crystal clear that this killer will do this again, and his next victim one day might be human. So please, any help, advice or response is appreciated…

The Petition (English) that’s currently being circulated on the Internet:


This is from Operation DogFight (a group trying to find the killer), which shows the video and also includes a sample letter to Google (English and Spanish)


This is the ORIGINAL blog plus video of the killer….(Spanish)

(once downloaded, open the folder, and then open 2011_02_01_archive.)


This is the cache’d link from Google, but the actual blog has been removed


This was the killers blogsite…



Kind regards,

Interesting! So not all Canadian politicians are idiots!


 Well done Calgary! Richmond’s City Councilors could learn a lot from you, mainly how not to write crappy bylaws! and how to make animal control laws work for everyone, especially the dogs!


A little piece on common sense by the BBC


Sounds like at least some parts of the world are coming to their senses and focusing on irresponsible ownership and not the dog, its about time!


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