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All pet parents should read this, help make all the interaction with your kids and pets safe.

This was posted by the SPCA of Livingston, great job guys! Education is key!



Pit Crew Rescue needs you!

Ok, as you all may or may not know, Pit Crew Rescue is NOW part of the Broookhaven Bully Alliance and is gonna start taking in dogs from their shelter. I need EVERYBODY on board to help us. Fosters, adopters, transporters, crossposting and sharing!! First one coming in today is Carter.. I have found a home for him with pics and video’s to follow. All dogs leaving us will be vetted spayed/neutered and chipped!! As you can see I am having a lil talk with Zeus here telling him “he got a second chance NOW lets give others the same chance at life”!!




Nitro’s Law I’ll eat dog food once a week until they pass it thru senate video 1 & 2

Yup I ate dog food!

Well, alright  for my first meal I made it into a shake as you will see, but I’m here to tell you it wasn’t that bad! I envisioned something close to the flavor of vomit and old cheese, don’t ask me why, that’s the problem with pre-conceived notions I guess.

It was closer to chicken-chocolate-vegitable, now doesn’t that sound Yummy? Come on, it wasn’t thaaaaat bad!

In any case I don’t mind, I feel like there is nothing I would not do for Nitro’s family they have suffered in the most profound way possible, their fur kid didn’t die in an accident, or of old age, he was deliberately deprived of the necessities to survive. If Nitro was given water and just one meal a day, he would have lost conditioning, but he would still be alive today.

When authorities discovered Nitro, they thought he was an emaciated Doberman  Pincher, can you imagine, I owned a rottweiler and I am here to tell you as I say in the video, the only real similarity between the two breeds physically is coat color and markings, that’s it! Their body structures are in no was the same.

That thought alone is enough for me to be outraged, but then to find out this man, this coward who deprived Nitro of even the basics to survive got what in my humble opinion amounted to a slap on the wrist, his family was left feeling like they had been slapped in the face by the courts and the judicial system, and sadly, they had been! although I liken it to more of a “being kicked in the gut.”

So here I sit today, knowing what it feels like to eat and drink every single day of my life, without fail, the one certainty in my life is that I will eat five times a day, imagine Nitro sitting in extreme heat with no water, no food and zero attention, what must his days have been like? What must he have thought?

It makes me ill to even think about his last days, but what makes me so angry that it’s hard to contain, is that man getting away with murder, and that Nitro’s mom and dad had to go to that kennel and see their boy like that! My heart literally breaks for them. So check out the videos:

Whoo Hoo! I did it!

The beat goes on, and on, and on, abusers have been getting away with this for too long!

please read and share, let’s get Alice some help, and a new home! One where she will know love, compassion, and tenderness, and maybe,  just maybe, what the caress of a human really feels like!


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