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FYI the puppy video has been removed, here’s why.

I just wanted everyone to know I did remove the post with the swinging dog, and I’ll tell you why;

For several reasons the first is, although I did post it with the intent to make people aware of the severity of this mans rage against animals, it occurred to me that I was inadvertently promoting this monsters deed, and I will in no way help him gain popularity with more sick and disturbed, groups or individuals.

Secondly I was afraid that even with the disclaimer children may be exposed to the video, I am a mom, I have small children that I don’t want to see this video, so it would have been a bit hypocritical  of me to keep it up there, so it has been permanently removed!

It was a very disturbing video to say the least, so I think broadcasting it any further would make me feel as though I was giving credence to it, I do not!

Thank you.


Stay tuned…, Tomorrow I will eat dog food once a week for Nitro’s Law!

I will add the video here so you all can tell me what you think. Please join me and eat a biscuit or dog food to end animal abuse and see that Nitro’s Law makes it into the Ohio state senate, and passes! Don’t let another animal die in the grip of an abuser!

See you all tomorrow!


Please help get Nitro’s Law passed in the senate!

abused animals everywhere will continue to suffer at the hands of sick abusers unless we do!


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