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why are there so many animal abusers out there? The answer is simply there is little or no punishment, that has to change!

Oy! all these abusers out there, I’m thinking its time for change people, its time to start inundating the senate, cabinet ministers, presidents, prime ministers, and demand that they step it up and gets laws changed to capture and properly punish these people, and change the wording that it is only a murder if it is perpetuated against a HUMAN.

Murder and abuse do not cease to be a crime just because the victim is not human! Boy, as a society we have really dropped the ball. To say that laws should only benefit humans? are you kidding me? we are ONE species on a planet filled with billions of other forms of life, They don’t count just because we have opposable thumbs and a bigger brain? BS! they all count! We sure aren’t putting that bigger brain to good use if we continue to allow this shameful type of activity to go on!

Canada, America, England, Germany, Columbia, Spain, China, Japan, Africa, Australia, and others you really need to see that the people who commit this heinous acts do not stop with animals.

Did you know that every serial killer caught and punished in the United Sates started their “careers” killing and abusing animals first? Did you know that over 75% of animal abusers move from animals to humans? Kind of puts it into perspective .., NO?

I am calling for all those who love and respect life, all forms of life, to speak out now! Stand up, take a moment out of your very busy lives, trust me I know, mine’s no cake walk, but simply commit to this one-act. Write, email, protest, GET OUT THERE and create change!

If you don’t these animals will continue to suffer at the hands of  these very disturbed individuals. Look at it this way, do you want your child to be abducted, mutilated, and then murdered by someone like that? Do you want your elderly mother’s front door kicked in and have her suffer god knows what at these people’s hands? Obviously you don’t!

But understand this very clearly, if these people are not caught, and severely punished it could!


Reward offered for puppy killer

Please help promote Reward Fund 337 – Puppy Torturer.

Police investigators have determined that the torture video was uploaded “outside Spanish borders”. We hope that citizens from around the world will participate in the Reward Fund 337 and join us in our efforts to catch this dangerous dog torturer.


Summary Information:

This month a shocking video appeared on the Internet with images of a puppy named Schnauzi being methodically tortured to death. The torture included mutilation, burns, anal penetration with a sharp object, broken bones and suffocation. …

please help bring this coward to justice!

Contact Google and send a clear message we don’t want animal abusers to be able to hide, under a “Privacy Act” ask them to give the information over to police!

Here’s where to send your email:

security@google.com  My friend Marc has taken the liberty of drafting up a pretty clever letter you can cut and paste this or text it.

Google have a heart

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to sign the petition, now let’s get this guy, all his info is in my earlier post “Update on a dog abuser” If you have not signed PLEASE do so now, I have seen the video of animal abuse and death this “sub-human” made, and all I will say is this, when innocent animals don’t turn his crank anymore to whom will he turn his attention next?

Children? The elderly?  The thought is frightening to say the least!

again thanks you all, and despite this have a great weekend!


Pacino needs a loving home!

Picino is a 5 year old Pit Bull that …is
good with kids,house broken, neutered,and is all up to date on his
shots. He needs a home ASAP!! Please contact us at (631) 656-0211 if

This is Pacino…
Picino is a 5 year old Pit Bull that …is good with kids,house broken, neutered,and is all up to date on his shots. He needs a home ASAP!! Please contact us at (631) 656-0211 if interested.See More
Pit Crew Rescue is a legal non for profit registered 501 (c) (3) organization that brings awareness and places the right animal in the right home… ALL animals before leaving us are completely vetted and spayed/neutered. ALL applicants MUST fill out an adoption/foster app and have a home check done.

Please become a foster for Pit Crew Rescue today!

Please post and share this!!! Fosters are needed desperately!!!!

I am proud to announce that Pit Crew Rescue is NOW a member of Brookhaven’s Bully Alliance!! After passing a home and Rescue inspection with flying color I may add, Pit Crew will be taken dogs in and helping place dogs from their shelter. Brookhaven Animal Shelter is warm, clean, disease free establishment that cares about their animals. They have no more room that is why I am stepping in. I need fosters and adopters ASAP! Anyone that is interested please call the office at (631) 656-0211See More

Update on a dog abuser! He has done more than one video, he is an animal serial killer! please aid in the effort to get his IP address and bring him to justice!

this man originally posted a video of torturing and killing a puppy, they burned it, choked it broke its leg, you get the picture, then he posted a video of swinging a pit bull and throwing it on Facebook along with a video of throwing a kitten from a roof top

Due to privacy agreements “google” will not release his IP address please sign the petition to force google to release his info this despicable sub-human must be stopped!

I must caution everyone on the petition site there is a video of the puppy he tortured, DO NOT PLAY this video if you have children in the house, I myself could not watch the entire video.

http://opdogfight.blogspot.com/  to sign here is the link: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/google-must-help-authorities-to-find-dog-murderer-asesino-knino/

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