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Wonderful editorial By Penny Eims, she is one awesome lady!


Pretty powerful words!

Think about that the next time you see someone abuse a dog, or leave them chained up without food or water, REPORT ABUSE! helping to save a life is a very precious honor!


So you think you know pit bulls?

Thank you David! great job with the video!

Educating and changing fear into understanding is the hardest job, but it can be done! Please watch and share!


The story of Sam, I am not the author, but it is VERY well done!

Please read the life and death story of Sam, and the girl who told it!

He had a name, he should have had the chance to grow up and be loved!


So the next time you drop off your latest unwanted at least have the decency to remember his name!


Bark Out number two!

May Day Pit Bull Rescue they do great things folks!

They take in dogs that have suffered at the hands of pathetic examples of our species, they give them love, hope, and a new start.

What could be better than that? Please check out their site, share, donate don’t let great organizations fall by the wayside! the link is also on my sidebar.




Bark Out time again! People Assisting Animal Control

Please check out People Assisting Animal Control, they are a great organization committed to No kill! I love that!

Here’s their link:

http://www.ccpaac.org/ it will also now be on my sidebar!

Great works guys!


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