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****UPDATED****Alert! Alert! Do not help this woman! Kelsey Marie Wiese formerly (spotted dog rescue) currently animal abuser!


****HERE IS A PHOTO OF THIS  ANIMAL ABUSER***** stop this liar from abusing more animals, stealing from generous strangers with big hearts, and claiming all the while to be a “RESCUE” please! a rescue is the very LAST thing you are Kelsey!
by Eyes OfAn Angel on Wednesday, March 2, 2011 at 10:44am

We are one of the groups in South Florida that helped clean up her mess when she was Spotted Dog Rescue and finally lost it and said she was having the dogs euthanized if no one took them. Months later we are still dealing with health issues from the dogs we re-rescued out of boarding where she had dumped them and so are most of the other rescuers who took her dogs. Between all of us who cleaned up her mess, we have spent thousands between vetting and boarding fees.  She also collected  chipin money for the specific dogs and boarding fees and all dogs were completely unvetted, ill and she kept all the money.

She is now fostering multiple dogs and trying to pull dogs from MDAS!  People need to be aware NOT to help her! All of us rescuers who cleaned up and are still dealing with her mess are appalled. This includes very reputable people like THPA, Heather Traux and BHBD. She is NOT responsible and a month or two of a break isn’t enough time for someone to regroup and turn themselves around.

People have such good hearts and will unknowingly trust her and help her and give her money and the animals WILL pay the price.

Please help spread the word.



Bark out for Faithful Friends Animal Advocates!

Please check out their website and support them in any way you can!

To FFAA you are angels, in humans clothing! what else can I say!


For quick access all the time, I have added their link to my sidebar!


Please help and support Charity’s Law!

Special thanks to Penny Eims for all her wonderful articles and thanks to all who support this law!


I would just like to add that animal abuse is a world problem , not just the issues of one country, Canadians should be able to access and sign this petition as well.


Heading out to enlist the help of some vets to find out how big the “pit bull” problem really is in Richmond!

I will update later, I have letters to drop off to these vets so as soon as they start replying to me I will let you know!

Stay tuned!


Great Article by Stubby Dog, and thats why they are so great, always there when the dogs need a voice!


What a great story of one dogs journey to hell and back Luckily, he avoided death, most dogs seized under breed bans are not so lucky!


So I’ve been thinking…., Donkey-Schmag Award…., sounds pretty good to me!

Maybe I could create an award to give out to Michael Vick too, personally I would call it The Donkey-Schmag! reserved for those special individuals who show the world on a daily basis, just how self-absorbed, how callous, and  how little remorse they are capable of having.

For those who think they have swept that rug clean and buried the dirt way down deep in the cracks of the floor of society. It has a sub group or “mini award” that goes to the ones the seem to think they must support murdering abusers, just because they share the same skin color, or have a big money stake in said persons success or failure, and we all know that for the money machine, failure is just not an option!

You see the Donkey-Schmag is a very special little award saved for only the most vile of humans, those who should be placed in a pit reserved for  “Sub-humans” instead!

So to the chaps that thought it would be a really great thing to hold an event/gala as a duster, or yet another way to join the money machine and white wash this boil on the butt of society, into the prince of sports again, to attempt to make him palatable again ( throat splurch!)  In honor of  just such an individual, I’ll keep you on the short list for the mini!

for all parties involved in this disaster idea, kudos! it should back fire just like the Oprah show did! I hope! You make the world want to puke Mike did you know that? do the number crunching Money machine, he’s losing popularity, it’s hard to like a killer and animal abuser!

I hope you sleep well tonight, it must weigh heavily on you that your 15 minutes are just about up!


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