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No bans, or bylaws are ever set up to ensure responsible ownership!

Why is it that every story, all the bans and bylaws never discuss the heart of ANY dog problem? At the core of a “Dog Problem” are people, so its really a

“people problem” For example irresponsible owners that are never made to be accountable.

Insurance companies, politicians, and strata groups all want to focus on the dog but never the owner, none of these bylaws every address the root cause, which is always either poor ownership, or bad breeding.

Take a look at this, in light of Winnipeg being on the verge of coming to their senses, lets hope they can focus on the owner not the dog.


 Well no matter which side of the fence you stand on, just know that it will never be the breed that’s the issue, we the owners, need to be accountable.

And sadly many simply are not, many are neglectful and abusive, and that never makes for a happy well adjusted dog.


For all you pit bull loving Canadians Stand up and let your voices be heard! Help get Winnipegs ban get overturned!


The winds of change are coming, whether those stunted politicians want it or not, STAND UP folks or your breed of choice will be the next neck on the block if you don’t act now!


Are you kidding me???? I think I have just reached my bull-s***t limit, god I hate this guy!


Yeah, oh yeah you read right! I really am not a violent person but COME ON! can’t this loser just keep it under the radar?

Does he have to shove this crap down our throats at every single turn!


Sorry I am just livid at the thought of this!!!!!!!


PS:  Michael Vick I really hope you choke on a chicken wing!!!!!!!! you are one of the most vile people on the planet, every single thing about you makes me sick!

Urgents in need please help or share! Come on Orange County help save some of your own!!!!!

here’s all the urgent’s share please!

Urgent Pit Bulls/mixes at OC Shelter (Orange)

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