Daily Archives: February 23, 2011

Religion and dogs.

So it would seem that dogs do have a place in heaven, at least as far as the catholics are concerned!

and so it goes, I am not a believer in god, but I support all who do, especially dogs!


Some intersting info about dog bites

The canine research council states there is no accurate way to determine dog bites in the US, based on breed, Canada has no data either, have a read;


I have been told there is nothing in place to obtain that data, so how can these districts, cities and countries say there is a  quote “Pit bull” problem, when there is no way to be sure what is a pit bull, looks can be deceiving folks!

Here’s something great from Dogs In Canada Magazine;

I think we really need to be educated on how to approach, handle, and raise dogs if we ever want to harness the dog problem, but certainly BSL is not the answer we are looking for.


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