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Update on Lenny!

Lenny is safe and sound and out of the shelter system and on his way to a new life and a new family!

Good luck Lenny we love ya!

Thank you to Bruised Not Broken for the 411 on this guy from start to finish they were there, and worked feverishly to save him from death!

Thank you to Al Chernoff of Rescue Ink for offering to help, you guys truly are the “army for the animals!”

and a special thanks to Lenny’s new family for giving this beautiful boy a second chance at life, I’m sure he will make you proud!


Bark out for open Arms Pound Rescue

This Organization helps transport dogs in danger of euthanization from the US into Canada to the waiting arms of adoptive families.

Please check them out and I urge everyone to help anyway you can, you can play a part in saving an innocent life!


Modern Dog Magazine, I think I love you!

Check out this months article from Modern Dog Magazine;


I knew they were a great magazine, but this article is excellent!

Educating those who need it.


Another face of fighting, sadly Stallone never made it!

As you will see at the end of the video Stallone’s abuser received only 24 months in a federal prison, I guess the judge has never had to hold a dying dog in his arms!

This kind of abuse will never stop if WE do not speak up! Demand change to animal rights laws, and stronger punishment for the abusers and fighters….., Please!


The face of dog fighting…, where did the animal rights laws go? And why don’t they protect dogs like smiley?


Please read and share Lenny needs your help asap!!!

****URGENT!! LENNY (ID#888327) THE “POCKET PITTIE” IS ON THE EUTHANASIA LIST FOR TOMORROW! THIS BOY NEEDS OUR HELP NOW!**** Please, please CALL THE SHELTER ASAP if you can adopt AND ALSO LET US KNOW ASAP by E-MAILING Brooke@BruisedNotBroken.com LENNY IS AT THE MANHATTAN ANIMAL CARE & CONTROL IN NYC (326 110th Street between 1st an…d 2nd Avenue/phone #212-722-4939 keep hitting 0). PLEASE CROSS-POST – WE ARE LENNY’S ONLY HOPE! Thank you! Original post below:

Meet LENNY (ID#888327)!! POCKET PITTIE ALERT! This tiny little boy (only 31lbs) is so incredibly handsome with his unique white and brindle markings…and an adorable jet black nose!! Just a perfect little pittie face 🙂 While BNB has not met LENNY we are told that “He is so easy to be with – just a gem!” After sit…ting quietly in his kennel waiting his turn to go out, he behaved like a perfect little gentleman on his walk with a volunteer. This little boy scored a “Mild” on his behavior test and has a tail that constantly wags. PRECIOUS! Unfortunately, LENNY is now coughing and has kennel cough…which means he will be added to the euthanasia list ANY MOMENT. We cannot allow this to happen. LENNY NEEDS OUR HELP TO MAKE IT OUT ALIVE – please, WE MUST WORK QUICKLY! If interested in adopting LENNY, please let us know and/or call or visit the MANHATTAN ANIMAL CARE & CONTROL in NYC (326 110th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenue/phone #212-722-4939 keep hitting 0). PLEASE CROSS-POST – WE ARE LENNY’S ONLY HOPE. Thank you! Bio below:

A volunteer writes: I LOVE this peanut of a dog. 2 year old, Lenny weighs a too light 31 lbs- he needs to gain some weight. Lenny sat quietly in his kennel waiting his turn to go out, and when I saw him, with his little cute face with cropped ears my heart melted. He then proved to me that not only is he gorgeous on the outside, he is
gorgeous on the inside as well. Lenny loves to be talked to, so we chatted during our walk, with Lenny looking up at me quietly agreeing with everything I said! His tail his constantly wagging; he is a friendly dog in a quiet calm way. When I sat on the bench he was right there sitting beside me, looking for some kisses and more conversation. He is such a good listener, I felt I could tell him my deepest secrets and he would still love me. Lenny appears to be housetrained (another one of his great qualities). He was rated Mild by our behaviorist in recognition of his great attitude towards people, dogs, toys and food. He seemed to ignore other dogs as we
walked, more focused on his human companion. Lenny is just delicious – no other way to say it. He would fit into any family setting, offering love and companionship forever. Do not miss the opportunity to love this dog. Meet him in Manhattan today.See More

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