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I can’t unlove you, I can’t unthink about you, I can’t unremember your touch!

When you drop off your dog or cat at a shelter, does it bother you that they may die?  How do you one day just decide to unlove your pet? Do you think they unlove you?

I watched a dog at a shelter once that sat with her head in a corner of that ugly grey prison of a room, she only looked back when I coughed, and she looked defeated, sad and lonely, she looked heartbroken, and that old Kenny Rogers tune I can’t unlove you came to mind, I though to myself, I think she misses her family, the family that gave her up because they had a baby, my favorite loser owner reason.

I watched a documentary on the effects on animals being abandoned, it scars the psyche in a deep and profound way, and yet we still do it to them, we create a disconnect that allows us the guilt free drop and run, I think about these animals sitting in a shelter wondering whats going on, and why they are there, where did mom go? Or why did dad stop loving me? don’t fool your self they feel all the same emotions we do. Love, fear, grief, joy, etc. So they must feel completely betrayed when that cage door slams shut and they accept that you are not coming back, Or do that ever accept that?

I don’t know I guess in a throw away society it becomes second nature to some, “the disposable pet.”

Think about those animals when you want to bring a pet into your life, be sure it is for the right reasons, and please consider a shelter or rescue dog first!

Thank you!


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