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It’s crunch time the city got back to me, and its BS!

I will be posting the letter the city sent me probably by monday, as I have a lot I want to share, so bare with me, it’s not good, but I expected that the city doesn’t want their precious little cash cow to be destroyed. I will share everything with you all, I just want to touch bases with a couple of organizations first!

This should be very interesting indeed!

Thanks as always for the support!


Hobgobblin is the dog of the day! Dont forget to send in a picture of your dog, it doesnt have to be a pit bull, we love all dogs here!

 Ladies and Gentlemen say hello to Hobgoblin!

This little cutie comes to us from Nanaimo, BC where he was a shelter dog that needed a home and the love of a good family.

Big hugs and thanks to Maxx and Annemarie for giving this good looking boy a fur-always home! Hob likes belly rubs, biscuits and his toys!

He is very loving and sweet and I can’t understand how he ever ended up in a shelter in the first place but someone’s loss was Maxx and Annemarie’s gain!

Good luck Hob!


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