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Police and the family dog, watch our finest as they destroy innocent dogs, mystaken identity and minor infractions could lead to this!

Before you watch these videos, please be advised these are not suitable for children.

or this little gem, keep in mind the police had the wrong guy, THEY let the dog out of the car, and then killed it for protecting his pack.

Here listen to media bias at it best, here how the reporter says and a “PIT BULL!” like it’s a crime to be part of the bull terrier family, I guess she never heard about stubby. I do not condone the owner who did not control the dog, they knew the dog would be shot if it exited the vehicle.

I really don’t know what to say about this one, the dog was secured, it did not bark, growl or menace the officers in any way, it was afraid of them.

Anyone knowingly breaking the law should be held accountable however do their dogs need to pay the price? people should be given the chance to secure their dogs to avoid these types of tragedies from occuring in the future.


Why Raven Woods Animal Sanctuary needs your support so badly….

please read, and try to support this wonderful organization;


Raven Woods needs the public to stand behind them, to donate, to spread the word, so they can do the wonderful work they do, you have to understand there is no philanthropist waiting on the sidelines to hand them over buckets of money and a slap on the back for a job well done!

These folks have to scramble, and cajole, they transport, fight for, and they care for the dogs some of you have decided to throw away. All on a shoe string while constantly having these demands thrown at them. imagine that! I can and good god  I don’t know how they do it!

Please share this article, tell friends to check it out and support the place that supports the Un-wanted. Raven Woods Animal Sanctuary.

 Thank you Raven Woods for all you do, I am behind you, anything you need or if I can help in any way please let me know!


BWAH hahahaha! Vick shows his true colors….. YELLOW!

This is fabuolous news!!!!

Check this out!


Oh, well I wonder why? Could it be because he got wind of how many people wanna be there to tell him exactly what they think of him in person? LOrd knows I did! Or was he scared of getting Booed off stage by all the dog lovers out there? Awe! Poor baby!

Whatever! He’s a loser, a coward, and a killer! Good, the less free press this pile of filth gets the better as far as I’m concerned! And did you all catch that, Vick AND th Eagles had concerns did they???

So there’s the proof of the money machine and white wash thats hide’s behind him, in the dark corners of sports! You see we can’t have our little “Golden boy” coming off like what he is…., a murdering dog abuser!

Well my goodness what will we all do without his stellar role model face plastered all over the boob tube? Go on with life as if he never exisited I hope! You know I know this sounds terrible, but I keep hoping he will have some kind of (Ahem!) sports related injury, so we can all go a week without having to hear his name or see his stupid face!

and Oprah, you can kiss this viewer behind! I will never watch anything you produce, or your lack luster excuse for a talk show again. Well ok to be honest I was never an Opi fan anyway but she did have some cool guests every once in a while.

Oh well, maybe I’ll get a satelite dish and watch more Kimmel and Lettermen!

I guess we will all have to wait with baited breath for his next ill mannered move, what will it be next Mike?  Try to get on the late late late show?


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