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The struggle to obtain information from the SPCA

I just left my second message with the Media department of the SPCA in my town. I called them two weeks ago requesting documentation on dogs that were euthanized prior to The Richmond Animal Protection Society taking over for the SPCA in Richmond.

Now personally I find it very difficult to obtain any info from the SPCA in general, they will and have said before that they do not keep these kinds of records, only the total number of dogs euthanized in any given year, as I have said RAPS says they only euthanize maybe 1-2 dogs a year if that, and they are only the most extreme cases of aggression, in which placing those dogs would be impossible as they could not ensure the safety of other animals or people.

So when I called today they said I probably couldn’t get that information but they would put in through to the media department, now I did this dance two weeks ago and never heard back…, interesting!

We shall see if they return this call but if there is infact no such records than how can they accurately determine that pit bulls are a significant problem in general? If they don’t know the breeds of these dogs euthanized, than they have no data, which tells me the City can’t have the data either…., again, interesting!

I find anytime you try to get any breed specific info into aggression from these organizations, the fact of the matter is it is just not there, scary! I have a few more resources to tap here and I am certainly excited to share the info with you all.

My only hope is that win, lose, or draw, something can be learned from this journey, I am hoping that this will give others fighting the same battle insight into how this all works. Do not let this make you feel defeated if you too want to enact change, rather look at it as a test case, or trail run if you will!

to be continued………


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