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Great video by K-Leathal and Lady Bishop

This is an awesome piece! Thanks guys, and keep up the good work!

We need more videos condemning dog fighting, the youth of today relate to what they watch so this is gold!


Update on BABY! She’s safe thanks BNB and friends!


OH BABY, BABY!! This little girl is FINALLY SAFE!!! YAYAYAY! We are so thrilled that Zani’s Furry Friends Pet Rescue pulled BABY off death row for Brittany, a WONDERFUL member of the BNB family and future mommy of this incredible little pittie!! Thank you SO MUCH, Zani’s! And Brittany, you have been handling yourself with such g…race and poise while all of these arrangements have been made, never “losing steam” or giving up on saving your new girl – THANK YOU ♥ I am so grateful to everyone who hustled hard to help BABY survive the shelter….mission accomplished!! YES! We can’t wait to receive the official news that BABY has left the shelter and is on her way to her new forever home with Brittany 🙂 While doing a happy pittie dance I am ecstatic to announce: FROM DEATH ROW TO FOREVER HOME! ♥See More

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