Baby in need!


Ok BNB Family, BABY (ID#887185) has been granted ONE EXTRA DAY TO MAKE IT OUT. Let’s give her a LOUD voice today and shout it far and wide: she has until TOMORROW MORNING for someone to adopt her from the shelter before she is put down for having kennel cough. If you are interested in ADOPTING BABY, you MUST BE ABLE TO GET TO THE SHE…LTER BEFORE 7PM TONIGHT or TOMORROW MORNING. If you live out of area and cannot make it to the shelter to foster/adopt, you must be able to find a rescue group to pull BABY from death row and facilitate arrangements. BABY is at the MANHATTAN ANIMAL CARE & CONTROL in NYC (326 110th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenue/phone #212-722-4939 keep hitting 0). Please let us know if you intend on saving her so that we can notify the shelter ASAP (e-mail me at PLEASE CROSS-POST, CROSS-POST, CROSS-POST!! WE ARE BABY’S ONLY CHANCE AT MAKING IT OUT ALIVE. Original post (including BABY’s bio) is below. Thank you!

Meet BABY (ID#887185)!! A small and compact pittie, BABY was found tied to a pole outside before being dropped at the shelter. This stunning girl has a cold right now and is starting to get very depressed at the shelter…ugh, so sad 😦 While BNB has not met BABY we are told by volunteers that she is “calm, sweet, and gentle”. When BABY was examined by the vet a few days ago, she was so well-behaved that the volunteer accompanying her said she deserved a lollipop for good behavior! And her score on her behavior evaluation reflects such behavior, as she was rated a “MILD” – WAY TO GO, BABY! A volunteer’s bio is below:
A volunteer writes: Baby is a stunning faun color girl, which a beautiful face which looks like it has been highlighted in gray. This is a face that a dog portrait painter would love. Chiseled, subtle stunning colors, great ears and eyes and wonderful expressions. The rest of her isn’t bad either!! She is at a perfect weight of 48 pounds and is a bundle of fun. Baby was found tied to a pole which is a sad ending of her previous life. We are looking forward to giving her a new beginning. She has some alopecia along her torso which will clear up with proper nutrition and care. She is a super friendly girl, happy to be out in the snow, prancing and dancing down the street. She is happy to be with a human, playing, giving hugs and generally enjoying life. I couldn’t help but smile and laugh watching her as her fun is so contagious!! She was rated Mild at intake and is waiting for her forever home where she can play and love endlessly. If you are ready to look at the world through Baby’s eyes, and smile your way through the day, Baby is for you. Come meet her in Manhattan today.
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