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Fabulous Website!

If you like all things pit bull, or you ar just trying to get educated about the breed pls check this out:


Correction to Dallas post!

I have to correct something I mention in the first Dallas post, The mayor is Mr. Tom Leppart, not the man in the YouTube video, so I’m not sure who the gentleman in the video is, but he is not the mayor of Dallas. If the Mayor is correct in saying he did not sanction the city to the city deal, well Kudos perhaps you’re not all nuts!

Whichever the case may be, I figure there had to be some hate mail coming in over that one for him to respond. as for Mike, we can all she he’s still the same old Mike, I just wish this donkey, would get an injury or become painfully irrelevant and disappear from sports so we don’t have to look at his arrogant face every week on the news and television.

So my apologies to Mayor Leppart, for the confusion on that one, my bad, However I will say that I find it hard to believe that the Mayor had no idea about this, did you see the size of that venue? in any case if he did not know, dude, get plugged into your city! A felon walked away with the key, So to speak.



DOH! I smell backlash, aint life grand when you are the worlds biggest A-WAD!


I guess somebody’s feelin’ the heat now! Nuff said!


Dallas Texas Gives Convicted Felon Micheal Vick The Key To Their City!


Apparently IQ points just dropped dramatically in Dallas as of late! You all should be ashamed!  You hand a key to the city over to a man who fought, abused, neglected, tortured and killed, countless pit bulls. He’s a convicted Felon. Oh! but wait…., I’m sorry I forgot, he paid his “debt”  (PFTH!) and he’s a changed man! The same man who in the video says and I quote “I don’t care about the dogs!” Yep, sounds like a changed man to me!

Congrats should go out to Michael himself, I guess when the mayor of Dallas likes you and is African-American as well that too helps garner you support and acceptance, does that mean we call all breathe a sigh of relief and say that you are the cities “Sports Hero!” Well I wonder if they would feel that way if you had done your filthy little deeds in their city, if the residents had to worry about one of your dogs getting out and mauling their poodles and labs, because that’s what you trained them to do, right Michael? Think about that Dallas, the next time you hand out keys, imagine digging up the graves of countless dogs in your city and having to bare witness to that kind of evil, up close and in living color! Now that’s someone worth supporting isn’t it?

Just when I think people are inherently good, towns like yours show me that cities everywhere, anywhere, can be filled with immense amounts of “ignorance”  So again congrats Michael, another achievement well-earned! And congrats Dallas for handing the keys to your city over to a killer and Felon!

I will admit that frankly Dallas was probably not somewhere I would have gone to before this, but certainly now, more than ever I can say with complete certainty that you will never see my tourist dollars!

I will add that there are many  African-Americans that are appalled by what he has done, and feel bad that he represents them in any fashion, in fact they are too many to count!  They are an example of people not willing to tolerate that level of abuse, and murder, just because they share the same skin colour! Kudos to you all!

Good night Dallas I hope you can turn the lights out and sleep well knowing you just made a murderer your embassador! that should shine well in the press!


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