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Dog Owners, heres a chance to change the face of BSL and ban, the ban!

Please help my friend Rebecca get the letter and Pictures she needs to attempt to stop the madness that is BSL, here is her original message board post from Facebook:

Ok main reason I’m writing. I am worried. I have a goal of 1000 letters and 1000 pics (which actually will be 3000 of each due to the fact i need 3 copies) By March 1st. I’m sadly realizing I don’t think its possible. I have almost 600 ppl who said they would help by mailing me pics and letters but only have received ONE piece of mail 😦 (and I do know MANY of you are working on it) so Ty so much, I’ve gotten some great responses so I’m praying for lots of mail soon! Also I have gotten approx. 8 emails of pics , which means being unemployed I have to print 24 letters and 24 pics somehow,BUT I will find a way bec. this is so important to me, but its the reason when so many ask if they can just post or email I ask if there is a way to PLEASE mail them.

*I must receive 5-10 mssgs a day asking “how do i help” “what is this event” Please note ALL info is Under :more info” 😉

*I also often get the question “what do i write in my letter?” well The letters are going to the Government/president of USA/and prime minister of Canada and are regarding Breed specific legislation so they need to stare why BSL Is wrong, how it makes you feel. Even if you dont have one of the many breeds effected doesn’t mean that you’re opinion dont matter. BSL is discriminative, immoral, sad, and just wrong in SOOO many ways! Its like banning a number of human races due to the actions of a few!~ PUNISH THE DEED NOT THE BREED!!!

*The pics, what I need is pics of your children with your
dogs (or just dogs OR just children) ANYTHING you can, but Holding a sign that says “Punish the deed not the breed” or “Ban BSL” you can also edit a pic and use text to say it as well. OR email me the pic b4 you print and mail and Ill edit, and email it back! If i had the money id have you all email but I dont. I am sorry. PS PS The picture does not have to be with a pitbull, if you dont have a pitbull you can surely still help us!! MANY breeds are effected!!!lets all be heard!!!! AND if you can only do letters thats great too!

I ask all of you if you have question about BSL, what breeds (and there are MANY) are effected, what my address is, its ALL Under “more info” on my site http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=171206229589245 and you can ALWAYS mssg me or email me! Im going to put my email and add. below again as well so you have them here as well.

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! TOGETHER we can do this, I know we can! Remember we are the voices for our dogs,Laws are being made each day that are intended to take away our rights to own particular dogs for no reason other than their breed and it needs to STOP! My intent is to mail the Government/president of USA/and prime minister of Canada 1000 copies EACH! Then they have them in hand, by having 1000+ they know we are serious, and they know there are LOTS of us! Taking a few pics, printing them at walmart (42 cents each copy x3 copies) and writing a letter by hand (or typing) x 3 then mailing will cost you a total of $1.68!

so please, lets do this, we need to be heard!

a few things to remember,

*we need 3 copies of each
*your name and add needs to be on the letters, if not I dont think we will be taken as serious..
*know that we are the change, we are the voices for our furbabies!!

I have a whole section on BSL on my website too if you want to read! (you have to go to that section)

My name Rebecca Jackson
1542 us hwy 1 Hancock Maine 04640 (USA)

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