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BSL the saga continues…..

Well I am STILL waiting for the SPCA to get back to me, so I thought I would just fill you all in on how the journey has affected me so far.

I find BSL and breed bias bylaws offensive in every way. You can’t tell me that any one breed of dog is inherently more vicious or aggressive than another, as I have said many times anything with teeth can bite, people have always been at the heart of, and have always been the contributing factor to aggression in dogs.

Many experts will state that environment and socialization are key factors in how a dog maintains emotional  and mental stability, abuse is another factor as we know. I still can’t believe that any rational person could believe that judging a dog based on their human’s failure of responsibility is the answer, it isn’t! All we can do is move forward from here, going back is just chasing your tail, so I try to think of how to effect a positive and fair animal control bylaw that looks at all dog attacks or incidents on an individual basis, and one that judges each one of them them accordingly.

In the end the responsibility starts and ends at the feet of the owner, the bylaws should be targeting the owner and never the dog. Now I have also said I was attacked by a dog as a child, so I do support euthanization if a dog has attacked and or seriously injured a person or another animal.

As I sit in my office compiling data day after day, I get frustrated, with poor excuses for owners, with governments that see punishing all dogs in any set breed or those who fit the physical characteristics of said breed, as a good idea. I find them most of all to be weak! To weak to stand up for what is right, to use “OUR” tax dollars efficiently and directly target the owner that holds the leash and controls the food. They should be held accountable, every single owner of a dog that menaces or attacks should be held accountable, liable for damages, and should face jail time if neglect and or abuse are proven.

I get angry at pit bull owners that sit back and snivel about how bad they and their dogs are portrayed in the media, and yet if you ask them to stand up for their rights and their dogs, you get nothing! Which is solely a human trait. The ability to see a wrong done and sit back, cry the blues about what a shame it is and do nothing. I get mad when every citizen can sit back and allow their righst and freedom of choice to be taken away!

 My grandfather, an his father, and his father before him were men of great character, they stood up when a wrong was done and fought to make it right! Whether it meant fighting your enemy, your neighbour, your cousin, your country or your friend! You just did what was right Damn it!

Some days I feel like this will be a piece of cake, and others I feel scared, scared that I am just one person, a person that has support, but that needs it in living color, in a tangible way, and I’m afraid that I may not get it and this could fail. If it fails I feel like I have failed all those dogs, and they will continue to lead a life a shame, behind a muzzle, or even worse they may one day face a death camber like they do in Denver.

I don’t own a pit bull “Yet” but when I find that special dog, the one that knows I need them as much as they need me, and is willing to trust us useless humans one more time, I will!

And aint nobody (A city council) going to tell me I can’t!  Because if I let them do that, than what else will they want?  There’s an old saying that goes a little something like this, “If you give a rat a cookie, pretty soon he’s going to ask for a glass of milk, and  then a piece of cheese, and then a napkin to tidy up, and sooner or later you will find that he has very cleverly taken away all you have one piece at a time.”

A very dear friend of mine whom has since passed on, used to say “you can wrap poop up in a Tiffany box, and top it with a pretty blue bow, and hand it out to folks, but inside it’s still just a pile of crap!” and Bill, you were so right! Politicians have this very slick way of changing things to suit their own agenda’s and making us all think either, it was “Our” idea or that it is for the “greater good” they place fear in the hearts of the people to get what they want, and they let foolish constituents that have things to offer these councilmen and women, dictate the way for us as a whole, God I hate that! I hate that people actually buy that crap! Since when is Genocide and racial profiling for the greater good? Since when is placing one dog in danger from another by muzzling them for the greater good?

Sorry, I am starting to sound depressing here? well Ok let’s leave it for today, I guess it’s just dark thoughts creeping in, maybe its the rain, or maybe I’m right, and I should be weary…, I don’t know, but I will say that there are good people out there on the side of what is right for pit bulls and like breeds, I guess my wish is that they will hear my pleas for help, and join in.

For tonight I will just say that the saga continues and I will keep you all in the know as I go along and hopefully we will crush this rediculous bylaw and then the bans, and then BSL as a whole!


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