Daily Archives: February 1, 2011

Some disgusting news from my neck of the woods, Step up RCMP or the outrage will continue!

This is a very sad story but important, we must stand up and make animal abusers face the music, pets are not our “property” and they do have intrinsic value beyond ownership!



Canada better get it together!!!! First it’s tours allowing the senseless murder of wolves, now this, hello!!!!!!!


Looks like PETA wants out of the hot seat! Maybe those “Donations” are drying up, so now they want to help!

Well, well, well, so now PETA wants to help…, interesting since it’s the very same organization, that has forsaken pit bulls all along!

Have we taken too many barbs over the Vick dogs Ingrid? Or is this a hot button item that will fetch you bucket loads of new “Donation” Dollars? Funny not that long ago when you were asked to help these wonderful dogs, when they needed help the most, your response was that those “Vick dogs” were better of being euthanized, because they couldn’t be placed with families anyway, they were “damaged” and could not be saved. But low and behold “Best Friends stepped up and made miracles happen while you tucked your tail between your legs!  Because after all nobody likes a pit bull, especially the media and PETA isn’t that right Ingrid?

Hypocrites! You make me sick Ingrid, you really do!


I wouldn’t give you the time of day much less any money you are the Queen of greed, press whoring, lies dear lady! Good luck sucking others in with that one!

If I have any donation dollars to give it would be to Dolly’s Foundation, Bruised Not Broken, Stubby Dog or Best Friends, But not you!  Not ever!


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