Did you buy a puppy from Wildside kennels? If so you may be interested to see where your money went!

Wildside Pit Bull Kennels was raided for dog fighting! I have said it before and I will say it again.., Do your homework people! Just because a breeder looks good on the net doesn’t mean they are!


This pisses me off! How long did these people go unchecked? So much for tightening the strings on breeders!

Not all breeders are bad, there are many well-respected and responsible breeders out there, unfortunately, people like Wildside, place a stain on all breeders!

For the record I do support adoption first, over a breeder, there are many wonderful “purebred” dogs waiting for homes too! But I also support responsible breeders right to maintain a bloodline, health and overall temperament of their dog of choice. They’re not all bad eggs! Just DO YOUR HOMEWORK , before you hand over your cash, don’t help a dog fighter keep up his standard of abuse!


About apitome

I am a mother, a pit bull advocate, but mostly I am just like any of you, I am passionate about politics, the environment and dog advocacy. I want possitive changes within the judicial system as well. I want my children to grow up in a country where we are not told what breed of dog we can own. I want to see BSL put in the trash where it belongs! I want to see the constitution protected but not manipulated *see anything on the mosque near ground zero (USA) or changing Merry Christmas to Happy Holidays (Canada)* I am not racist in any way shape or form against any ethnic group, I do however have prejudices against bad behavior! If you abuse our laws, kids, the elderly, or animals, If you move to a new country and then demand that country to change everything about it's laws & way of life to suit your own agenda, If you blatantly break those laws with no regard and show no repect for them, if you engage in dog fighting or any other forms of animal abuse, torture or neglect, or if you are a pedophile, Than yes! You are on my radar for sure, and I will do EVERYTHING within my power to see you stopped and brought to justice! Furthering that goal, I have no qualms about publishing the names and faces of convicted abusers. I am not trying to change the world, I simply want to see things improve not backslide, Mostly for my children and these wonderful dogs futures! I may say things you agree with, and I may say things that you won't agree with, I may anger you, challenge you, or just plain piss you off, but in my book that's ok as long as long as it inspires some form of action on your part. This is not a popularity contest, If I have said anything about a group or person that you don't agree with please feel free to leave a comment or simply don't come back. If You have been mentioned in my blog it is for one of two reasons, you are either an advocate or you are an abuser loser, if you are the latter I could care less what you think! I value the opinions of trash about as much as I do that of a slug! Everything in print here is a matter of public record, or came from a trusted source, with that said, I am certainly willing to print both sides of any story, in an effort to be fair and always print the truth! View all posts by apitome

4 responses to “Did you buy a puppy from Wildside kennels? If so you may be interested to see where your money went!

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  • Anonymous

    Wildside.kennels was a great kennel the practice of matching dogs is necessary to keep pitbulls game when that ends the breed i know as gamedogs will become extinct and the only dogs left of the breed will be amstaffs and they are not game or pitbulls just man biter curs . Fuck peta and u

    • apitome

      WOW! If you think Wildside is a great kennel, you have told me all I need to know you. Man biter curs? Well let me just say this its people like you and those creeps at Wildside that keep the image of man biter out there, based on your comment I can only assume you are an ill mannered mouth breather. I especially like the use of the f word, it shows how capable you are of having an intelligent conversation and or making well thought out statements. No further comments of yours will be posted as I try to focus on having discussions with those who didn’t just crawl out of a puddle of primordial soup somewhere. I feel compelled to add the opinions of those who allow animal abuse to go unchecked, or defend it do not interest me in the slightest, that said close your mouth, you are making the rest of us uncomfortable!
      Good day!

  • TR. Dave

    Ed is not a “great breeder”, and was not producing great dogs in his last 10 years of breeding. Ed was a great salesman with a great personality, and a propensity for marketing. His status exists purely from the overwhelming amount of dogs he’s bred. But the gameness was not overly spectacular. I can’t even count the number of dogs from wildside I’ve seen quit on all fours. He wasn’t thoroughly testing them because he was too paranoid, and rightfully so with his high profile within the game as well as his history with the law.

    To be fair, I’ve seen some really game ones bred directly down from Ed’s stuff too. Probably the best producing stuff I’ve ever seen was off random game bitches and that controversial B-Line’s Cowboy dog or whomever he actually belonged to before Ed paid $20k for him….. and whatever his pedigree may be. That stuff could bite and you better pack a lunch if you’re going in to one. Ed ain’t really produced anything special since all those Cowboy breedings in the late 90s and their offspring. Plus, the paper hanging started to get ridiculous. Not that Ed was doing it, but he sure as hell wouldn’t question papers too much when these thugs were bringing him an 8 month old bitch in heat and $1500 to strap her in the stand for 20 min two days in a row. Money is money, and that’s where it all went down hill for Ed.

    Having said that, I think Ed meant well despite the thousands of pups he’s churned out over the the past couple decades and his willingness to sell pups to any scum with money. Trust me, the dopemen were his primary customers and he could sell a yearling on a 5 min roll for $3-5 grand all day long when the hustlers came to visit and that was damn near every day. Let’s add up the cash from the 6 bitches in heat on his yard at any given time every day shipped from all over the world to get a semen deposit from ol’ Cowboy. Don’t have the whole $1500? Just give him a grand and a pup then because he’d sell the pup for $700-1200 or keep for a year and roll it when company is over as a quick sell. Pick of the litter off a fine bitch might go for $1500-2000k or more at 8 weeks old.

    His biggest problem as someone already mentioned was getting spaced out on pills and weed and running his mouth to snitches like crackhead Erik Hager from moonshine capital kennels in Va. If Ed could have tested his dogs properly, his lines would have run shit on the east coast. He knows his shit, and was a fine dogman at one time. Shit started going downhill around the time he and Chris split up years ago. It was nothing but partying after that and I feel he sacrificed a whole lot of integrity and honesty for the almighty dollar. Mountain Man did the same thing about 20 yrs ago, just started selling any pup that someone had dumped back to him on stud fee as if he had bred it and the parents were tested. These old timers who once ran the game are living large on the puppy mills today.

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