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Still think pit bulls are nasty? Then why is “She” so scared of “US” we should be scared of us!

We say they are mean…, I don’t know but I think we invented mean!  Flip through a history book sometime, dogs don’t even come close to our vicious nature, I’ll bet a pit bull has more compassion and ability to love unconditionally.

If  we are so much better, than why is she so scared of us, hmmmmm? you tell me that!

Bobby can tell you a little something about how “Nasty” we are!

To deny where animal abuse comes from, to turn your back on the victims, in favor of the abusive human, wake up!

Demand change and dog bites will decrease, ignore irresponsibility and we will be here all day, day after day, year after year!

Step up!


Craigs List, A new way to speak your mind, and just look what I found!

Craigs List Chat

This was composed by Amanda Hoffman, and personally I think she did a brilliant job putting this together! Is it just me or am I starting to see the fog from BSL and these stupid Bylaws starting to lift?

There is a movement here folks, and its called change!

The more people who physically get involved, those who write letters to their government, and those who get involved with rescues and start getting the repeals going the better!

People say, pit bulls are dangerous! I say that statement is what’s dangerous! I have personally seen some pretty nasty dogs from all different breeds, and there was always a common theme to their story, Neglectful owners, abusive owners, unscrupulous breeders, who create litter after litter after litter, to them its all about the money not the quality of dog they produce. better laws to govern these folks are needed!

I could go on all day, (Don’t worry I won’t!)   We all know where the problem really lies and it’s time to change that too while we are at it! And I don’t want to hear  about how expensive it will be to enforce either, Our politicians waste a hell of a lot of our money! Staying in posh hotels Vs the cheaper option, they eat at 4 star restaurants instead of  a “nice” restaurant and they wear clothes that you and I could only dream of wearing, so I really don’t care how much it costs figure it out and get it done!

Remember the lives hanging in the balance, and they didn’t ask to be here, to be hurt, to be forsaken, because that’s easier than the fight.

So “Way to go Amanda!” thank you for taking the time and speaking the truth! and finding a way to use craigslist for something wonderful, the truth!


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