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I found this website the other day  that I thought some of you may like to take a look at, it’s called Nanny 911 For Dogs.

If you need some pointers on how to get your dog to be the best they can, then have a look at this advertisement

nanny 911 for dogs. or visit Tori’s Website directly at http://www.nanny911fordogs.com/

It’s easier to vilify a dog.

Here is a look at a dog that should show us all how much they want to love not fight;

pit-bull-lovers-fight-breeds-bad-image-01052011 how can you make her into a monster? She didn’t ask for this life, fate dealt her a cruel, cruel hand, but thankfully some very kind people have changed that fate and given her a chance.

Can you imagine if you came home and your dog was not there? MUST SEE; watch?v=cBLjIFWiaMY 

Do you still think the pit bull is the problem? Because if you do, I think you are the monster, you are the danger to society. Where there is only ignorance, and bias, there can never truly be justice or equality.

Just a little something to think about before you let your politicians speak for you, and remember if they can take your dog, they can take your rights as well!


Dog Fighters, a frightening look at the future

Where and how does someone grow up, to create and shape a person into becoming a dog fighter? Think about how a child is raised, was it ok to abuse animals in that home? Does that child suffer abuse and neglect also? I simply can’t fathom what goes into making a killer, they are in fact the bringers of death to dogs, a killer is defined as follows;

Killer – The causal agent resulting in death, a criminal who commits homicide (who performs the unlawful premeditated killing of another human being or animal), One that kills.

I looked at several video documentaries that showed inner-city kids, young boys, some as young as 9 who were put in charge of “walking”  these dogs, I watched a young boy walking down the street kicking and punching his pit bull, while his neighbours watched and did nothing. Nice community they had there! He told the reporter that’s what his dad told him to do it, he also said his dad told him “Pit bulls don’t have feelings, so they don’t feel pain.”  The calibre of this man, this father, the man in charge of molding this boy into a productive member of society, teaches his son not to respect other forms of life, he teaches him, dogs don’t feel pain, and he teaches him to be a criminal. Father of the year right there!

Men like that set their children up for failure, not success, they perpetuate the suffering and ultimately the extinguishing of innocent life. It remains a fact that most animal abusers who start as young children have the highest chance at becoming a criminal and or abuser in adulthood. I dont’ know what goes on in the heads of these people, and frankly I don’t really care, Michael Vick wanted to use his childhood as a scapegoat, that doesn’t cut it for me, he was out in society as an adult and knew full well it was against the law, that it was murder, and abuse and chose to do it anyway. Did you catch that he, not the dogs had the choice, and the power to decide for them.

He had being exposed to more than just dog fighting,he did make it to the NFL after all  It’s almost funny how many criminals want to use their childhood to escape punishment, now I am in agreement that how you are molded affects the decisions you will make in life but, it can’t be used to escape punishment, I feel that if you know enough to hind the evils that you do from the world, then you know that it is wrong.

Do these men never know what it is like to have a dog love you more than they love themselves? Do they not know the feeling of warmth that comes from childhood when a dog curls up at your feet watching over you as you sleep? I guess not!

So we go from the childhood of the men into the teen years, now more often than not drug dealers will use their own children to sell they drugs, and with that comes all kinds of violence from guns to attack or guard dogs to watch their stash houses, to all out gang warfare, and dog fighting which ultimately ends with a one way ticket to the grey bar motel for most of them. Sounds productive to me…. NOT!

Then you have your adult male dog fighter who has by now become heartless, compasionless, and fearless, he will do whatever it takes to get that money, he will kill as many dogs as needed, he will breed females countless times to get the right dog, and then throw these females aside, once they are of no further use to him. This man cares for nothing and no one but himself. It’s a bit scary to think that there are more than just a select few of these men in the world reproducing and continuing the same cycle over and over, generation after generation. Money rules them, I guess society can shoulder some of that burden, since man decided money was more powerful than lending a hand, family, home, and community.

Here’s a look into Britain’s problem with dog fighters;

and here in Arizona;


America is at war with dog fighting, and most people have no idea how bad the problem really is. In fairness until about 2 years ago, neither did I, it was only until I started doing research about pit bulls, to educate myself on the dog, that I became aware of how grewsome and out of control it is. Once it became crystal clear to me what was really going on, not just in America, Britain, and Afghanistan, but right here, here in Canada too! I knew to change the future of the kids raised in dog fighting circles, and for the future of these dogs I had to get involved, we all have to get involved, use your vote people use your voice, let your policy makers know what you think about BSL and crime.

Please make yourself aware, please learn all you can, because as you have just read even if you don’t own a fighting dog, yours could be stolen and used as a bait dog so it’s time to get involved and protect all dogs! Can you imagine what the problem will look like in another twenty years if left unchecked and unpunished?

I can and it literally keeps me up nights.


Richmond, B.C. Canada and BSL, I stand corrected I thought you had some common sense, I guess not!

Well, well, well, imagine my surprise when as of late I discover that yes in fact Richmond has plan BSL too, Yay Richmond city councilors! You have effectively made Richmond yet another, back woods town with discriminatory policies, why not ban the chinese people of Richmond, after all they are one of the largest groups, or ethnicities involved in organized crime right? or better yet lets discriminate against East Indians because they have a propensity for violence, it’s a cultural thing, right? Let’s start banning Caucasians because we are the most outspoken, who needs the right to free speech, isn’t that right? Our council will make decisions behind our backs anyway and without our consent or input! Do you see how stupid that all sounded?

Putting legislation in place to ban a specific breed or race is wrong, and you all know it! But we could change some of those problems in a broader spectrum of legislation, one that doesn’t point specifically at anyone or anything, you must remember Richmond just because it is a dog breed does not mean it’s not profiling!

 It is my fundamental right to freedom of choice that you are taking away, you are taking away a dogs freedom and right to a normal life, life in general in some cases, would you want to wear a muzzle in public every time you went out, if the city council decides you are aggressive based on the way you look or based solely on a bias?

I am all for regulation,s but to make someone who owns a Pit bull pay more or do more than anyone else is nothing more than a cash grab, but then again our politicians are good at that! The cash grabs are like the lottery for them, look how they mis-use our tax dollars on a daily basis!

I am all for a set requirement to dog ownership ie: licence, regular vet check ups, proper care, socialization, etc., but again, not for one specific breed, for all breeds because lets face it, any dog can bite, and every dog has teeth. Saying that every Pit Bull is danger or aggressive is like saying that every German was a nazi, stupid right? It’s the same thing.

So I guess Richmond city council discovered that if they “dumb up” and enact an expensive and ineffective set of rules for “Dangerous dog” owners they can make a bucket load of money from them. Just exactly what makes a dangerous dog in your eyes? is it based on breed, looks, tendencies, or a direct and proven behaviour.

Would it not make more sense to charge everyone the same, but have a professional dog behaviorist that is unbiased, evaluate each dog to be licensed, and if one is found to be aggressive then, that owner would be required to take additional steps to make sure the public safe? Now I know what you’re thinking, that would take a lot of time, and be costly, however, it has been proven that BSL is a time waster, and costly. So, why not, surely it would be cheaper in the long run and fair to all owners, not just a select few, right? Passports take time to process and cost money, waiting for gas takes time and costs money, at least this would not be discrimination! I truly believe that thanks to places like Denver they have shown other countries and city how to master the art of being inane, redundant, and greedy, not to mention absolutely ineffectual.

The media and our fabulous anti-pit politicians would have you believe the hype, that all pit owners are drug dealers, low life scum, gang bangers, and dog fighters, well do these people look like any of the above and does their “Dog of Choice” look vicious to you?


They sure don’t to me! what I see are responsible owners, and happy well-adjusted dogs. Why should any of these people have to walk their dogs with a muzzle on when you don’t have to? Why should their dogs be looked at differently? Particularly when they’ve done nothing wrong?

Well Richmond, I guess its time to rally the troops to rattle the bars, and rock the boat! Here’s a couple of documents our city council has put

out; Richmond bylaw and this little gem;C:\\Users\\Owner\\Desktop\\City of Richmond BC – Dog Licences.mht but while I’m at it have a little look-see at this;

3497_dead_dogs_and_other_numbe.php, and this one Watson

We are moving in the wrong direction here folks and I assure you, we will not be happy with the results! We need to show we are not Ontario, we are not like Denver Colorado, we are Vancouver! The mecca, the melting po,t where all are excepted, regardless of race, appearance, characteristics or religions. Where you are judged by  your actions, not by how you look! Don’t let a banner like this symbolize Vancouver

Thanks for taking the time!


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