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Nature Calls Pet Service, this is cool! owners with disabilities, you’ll love this too!

Please check out this great service, this is awesome!



Some really great reads, well worth the time!!!!





You gotta love tolerance and understanding…..FINALLY!

Ok Denver you have yet another chance to stand up, don’t stay in the dark ages SPEAK UP!

DENVER AND AURORA, CO PEOPLE… it was discussed late last week, so, as a reminder:
Aurora City Council Workshop/ Council Meeting TONITE. They will be discussing/ voting on whether or not to amend their current ban on pit bulls to allow Pit bulls working as Service Dogs.
We REALLY need some support down there tonite. Denver is a lost cause as far as this issue is concerned. If we have enough people show up and voice some good sound information and alternatives to raking our Veterans and Disabled Community’s civil rights over the coals… they just might listen.

Aurora City Council Chambers- 5pm work shop, 7-730pm Meeting
Location- 15151 E. Alameda Parkway, 1st Floor – Aurora, CO 80012

PLEASE do what you can to make it down there with us TONITE.

Denver dog owners you should be ashamed! All the citizens of Denver…., yeah, you too!

Ok Dever dog owners, there was a canvasing the 16th street mall event held yesterday, right in your very own town and low and behold, there was a minimal turn out. Despite the fact that Team Pit-A-Full did radio announcements, and publicized it with various organizations and internet outlets as well, including Facebook and Youtube.

I guess what that means is that you don’t REALLY care about losing your dogs, you don’t really need your service dogs, and you are not willing to speak up to save them! Good to know! For other residents of Denver…, you should hang your heads too! When are you people going to wake up and realize that tomorrow, or the day after that, or a year down the road your dog of choice could be next! If Australia can ban a chihuahua, yours is certainly not immune!

I don’t know maybe Denver is just filled with Pit Bull haters and you all have a secret society with weekly meetings on how you can destroy a Pit Bull today! Or maybe Denver is just a one horse town filled with people who not only don’t care about pit bulls, but don’t care about dogs in general. I’m not suggesting that every person on the planet has to be as passionate about pit bulls as I do, or BSL or even the bans, but the people of Denver, wow, you have lived under this bias for twenty one years! Are you freaking kidding me? You are all ok with that?

Well then all I can say to you kind folks, excluding those that did show up, that did take a stand to save their dogs and to regain their rights under the constitution, bury your heads, but dig it deep, because you people are just about as back woods as you can get! I certainly hope that the “City Council” doesn’t decide next month that your cute little Golden Lab is a problem, or that your right to privacy, or right to speak out and openly against tyranny is no longer on the table and available to you! Man Denver you amaze me! so go on now, go back to your couch, hide from the truth, vilify a dog, and kiss your rights good-bye, because you know what? You don’t deserve better!

There is a little saying that goes something like this; A society has the governing body that it deserves, and holy smack do you all deserve Hickenlooper and Co.  So farewell Denver, and while you’re diggin’ that hole, make sure you dig it deep enough to fit your consciences. I hope you can all sleep well knowing that when you had the chances to take your stand, to let your voices be heard, to give pit bulls and the dogs with any of their physical characteristics a chance at the right to life in Denver again you did nothing! I’m glad to see that your dogs died for nothing!

Maybe none of you dedicated pet parents deserved them in the first place, if you can’t even take 10 minutes out of your very busy lives to stop by and speak out against this bias, or even at the very least show your support for those who do fight to stop these stupid and wasteful bans.  I would say to you, you should never own a pet! I don’t know but to me my dogs, cats, rats, whatever, are my family and I sure as hell wouldn’t sit by and allow them to be taken, or allow this Nazi party to continue with this campaign of insanity, but I guess I know the meaning of the words, commitment, trust, loyalty, compassion, and guts!

Good night Denver, sleep tight, and don’t let the parasites bite!


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