Daily Archives: January 5, 2011

Apitome needs a Spokesdog, It’s contest time!!!!!!!

Ok coffee intake is now at maximum, You will now see a tag on the left labeled “Apitome’s Spokesdog” I was thinking that I should have an image of the perfect pit bull on the blog so I need a model Ladies and Gentlemen!  If you have one that you think is the epitome (hee hee) of the happy well-adjusted pit bull, then send me your dog’s name and photo!

I would like to announce Apitome’s Pit Bull photo contest. The contest will run all month-long so get crackin! January 31st I will announce the winner!!!! Maybe your boy or girl will win out! Be creative and have fun with it!!!!! please send all photos to apitomesblog@hotmail.com


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