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Euthanasia, before you surrender! Infact before you get your pet….be sure!

I really don’t like to judge people, I don’t like being judged, who does?  I can only guess at the reasons someone surrenders a dog, well any animal, they all face a potential death sentence. However I will say this, because most animals are euth’ed rather than finding their Fur-Always Homes, I will tell you that in my humble opinion, there are simply no good reasons! I have heard and read everything from “No time” to “The dog is untrainable”  Now let’s be really honest with ourselves here, more often than not what it really boils down to, is the owner did not realize the full impact and responsibility of pet ownership before running out and getting that cute little puppy, or adopting a dog they figured should already “Know stuff”. 

 That doesn’t exactly look humane to me! I will give you a few of the facts on euthanization, first, and I have mentioned this before, not all animals just lay down and go to sleep, the medication can be painful, sometimes the dogs and cats will start to seizure and defecate themselves, gassing is looked at as the more humane option, it simply is not, your pet is often placed in a chamber which fills with gas, or a mask is introduced, so basically the animal knows what is going on around them, they are again strapped down if not in a chamber, look lets face facts, there is no humane way to steal life. most shelters and impounds do not gas, they inject, the animals experiences, confusion, pain, and sometimes fear, you have to imagine your beloved family member wondering where the hell you are and why these people are doing this to them, most often their muzzles are secured (tied) and, well, you get the picture.

I think people can justify it thinking the animal will not experience pain, untrue,  as I say sometimes they can, we don’t know maybe they all feel pain per say, typically they are given high doses of barbiturates, which causes cardiac arrest. Finding your dog or cat a new home if you can no longer take care of them should be YOUR responsibility, placing that in the hands of a stranger is wrong, you make them the ones that have to do the dirty work when the time comes. Doesn’t exactly screem dream job! However someone has to do it, and it’s all because of us!

My sincere wish for 2011 is that anyone considering buying or rescuing a pet, before you do, be responsible. Be honest with yourself and evaluate your life, your home, and your availability to properly care for an animal first! There will always be time for you to own a pet, when you can do it right!  If you can’t volunteer at a shelter to walk their dogs or help care for them to fill the void you are trying to fill.

Do it for the right reasons, and remember that it is always the animal that pays the price for you inability to do the right thing.


Special thanks to Sirensgrotto for sharing this video and her story, So know you get the perspective from a shelter workers point of view as well. It doesn’t paint a very pretty picture now does it.

My heart aches for the animals we consider disposable, unworthy, throw aways. Please, please, consider adoption from shelters and rescues first, and only if you are in it for that pets lifetime!

Thank you


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